What Your Eye Colour Says About You & Your Personality

Your Eye Colour & Your Personality 

Studies show that there is a lot more to your eye colour that what meets the eye. Some studies have found that you can find out a lot about a person’s personality based of the colour of their eyes.

Eye Colour Guide – The most common eye colours

  1. Brown eyes are the most common eye colour and statistics show that approximate 70 – 90 % of the population has brown eyes.
  2. Hazel eyes are the second most common eye colour. Hazel Eyes usually have flecks of brown, gold and green in the centre and usually have the most pigment around the edges of the iris.
  3. Blue eyes are less common than brown and hazel eyes and studies have found that around 8% of the population share this eye colour.
  4. Grey eyes tend to have a slight silver hue to them. Approximately 3% of the population have grey eyes.
  5. Green eyes, this eye colour is rather rare and approximately only 2% of the population have this eye colour.
  6. Amber eyes, this again is a rather rare eye colour to have. This eye colour usually has green, brown, gold or orange flecks to it.

What Determines Your Eye Colour?

Most of us where born with blue eyes, however within 2 weeks of being born our eye colour tends to change. Most often those deep blue baby eyes turn to a brown colour and that’s why brown eyes are the most common eye colour in the population of the world.

So what makes us have coloured irises? It is all down to the melanin, the more melanin you have in your eyes, the darker your eyes are. If you have no melanin in your iris it will appear pink as seen in cases of albinism.  Melanin is not only in your eyes but also in your skin which determines the colour of your skin, again the more melanin you have in your skin, the darker your skin tone. So why do we have melanin? Melanin protects both our skin and eyes from harmful UV rays.

Blue Eyes – Since most born with deep blue eyes change colour within the two weeks on being born, blue eyes are not the most common. Those who have blue eyes tend to have a low amount of melanin in their eyes.

Brown Eyes – When it comes to genes, brown eyes are by far the most dominant gene and therefore is the most common eye colour to have across the world.

Hazel Eyes – Many may notice that those with hazel eyes don’t seem to have one set eye colour as commonly hazel eyes area mixture of brown, gold and green shades. Depending on the lighting they are in, their eyes may appear more brown, golden or green.

Green Eyes – One of the rarest eye colours, this is because of the recessive gene can be passed through generations before making an appearance in a baby.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Grey Eyes

Top Traits:

  • Friendly
  • Smart
  • Relationship Orientated
  • Full of Energy
  • Caring

Celebrities with grey eyes:
Pink, Kelly Stables, Erin Andrews, Heather Graham, Alicia Silverstone.

What grey is associated with: Intelligence, Secure, Trust, Sophisticated, Glamour.

If you have grey eyes, you tend to be gentle, friendly and approachable by nature. You also may find you are rather neat and tidy, however you don’t fuss too much over it. Out of all they eye colours, most tend to confide in you grey eyes beauties and therefore tend to be very trust worthy and a great listener! This helps you build great connection with your friends and family and makes you a great partner as you are understanding and calm. You tend to [refer a smaller group of friends than a larger group and your friends enjoy your company and personality. You take your friendships, relationships and work life seriously which can become stressful for you, try to ease the stress so you can enjoy yourself more. If you have grey eyes you prefer to keep to what you know and therefore can lack adventure and don’t tend to take risks. However, you are smart, quick witted and a great problem solver. Out of all they eye colours, you tend to be the most mysterious which many find intriguing. You also have a gentle and calm nature yet still full of energy however you may find that you run away from arguments and stress rather than face it straight on due to your calm nature and tend to avoid drama. However, this doesn’t mean you are not on-guard. Therefore, those with grey eyes may need to work on becoming more assertive in order to begin to stand your ground and have your opinion heard. 

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