Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we’re asked on a regular basis. Please check the list below to see if your question is there, if not, place contact us via email (info@lashenvybeauty.com) and we’ll be glad to assist you with your query!

About Lash Envy Beauty Lashes

Q. Why choose Lash Envy Beauty lashes over lash extensions?

A. Lash extensions can be expensive and you have to go to a beauty salon to get them done. You will also have to go back to the salon every 2-3 weeks meaning spending a lot of your coin. Lash extensions also take around 2.5 hours to complete. You can achieve the same look at a fraction of the price using our Luxury 3D Mink or Faux Mink false eyelashes and takes only a minute or so to apply! The materials that our false eyelashes are made out of is the same quality and appearance as those that lash techs use!

Q.Should I choose your synthetic lashes or luxury 3D lashes?

A. This depends on how many times you would like to be able to wear the false eyelashes. Our Luxury 3D Mink and Luxury 3D Faux Mink (vegan) lashes can be worn up to 25 times but are a little more expensive but still under £10!). Our Synthetic false eyelashes can be worn up to 15 times and are available in five different styles and only £3.95! However, you will be able to wear them as many times as stated as long as you look after the lashes and don’t lose them! We suggest you grab one of our Lash Storage Cases that can hold up to three pairs of lashes, it also has a mirror inside so is perfect for on the go!

Q. I am new to false eyelashes, do false eyelashes damage my eyes?

A. This is most certainly not the case if you apply and remove the false eyelashes correctly. Also, false eyelashes are actually better for your eyelashes than mascara! Yep, you read that right. This is because you don’t always manage to remove all of your mascara fully resulting in your real lashes becoming brittle and damaged.

Q. How many false eyelash styles do you have?

A. We have a wide range of false eyelash styles and materials.

We supply six styles in our Luxury 3D Mink Collection and six styles in our Luxury 3D Faux Mink Collection (vegan) with a variety of different styles to suit your needs.

We also supply five styles of synthetic false eyelashes (vegan) at a very affordable price of £3.95 a pair!

We currently have three different 3D Faux Mink multi packs (vegan) and more to come!

Q. How are Lash Envy Beauty lashes made?

A. All of our false eyelashes are individually handmade by one of the finest false eyelash production facilities in the world. All of our lashes are made from the highest quality materials meaning that our luxury false eyelashes can be worn up to 25 times and our synthetic lashes up to 15 times!

Q. I have sensitive skin, can I still wear Lash Envy Beauty Lashes?

A. Yes, as long as you choose the right false eyelash adhesive then there should be no problem. Try opting for a latex free adhesive as many people can have an allergic reaction to it.

Q. I wear contact lenses, can I wear Lash Envy Beauty Lashes?

A. Yes, we have put together the ultimate guide on wear false eyelashes with contact lenses. If you’re interested click here to view our blog page.

Q. I wear glasses, can I wear Lash Envy Beauty Lashes?

A. Yes, we have put together the ultimate guide on wear false eyelashes with glasses. If you’re interested click here to view our blog page.


Usage & Care for False Eyelashes

Q. I am new to wearing false eyelashes, is it hard to apply them?

A. It is easy once you know how to. We have wrote a whole guide on our blog about applying false eyelashes along with times and tricks to ensure you have a super easy and mess free application. Click here to view this blog.

Q. How do I apply Lash Envy Beauty lashes?

A. Head over to our blog page or click here to find out how to apply your fake eyelashes super quick!

Q. How do I remove my Lash Envy Beauty Lashes?

A. It is super easy but we recommend you read our blog posts as this will help you to understand how to remove your lashes and get the maximum wear out of them!

Q. Do Lash Envy Beauty Lashes come with glue?

A. Sorry, we currently do not stock any eyelash adhesive and does not come with any of our lashes. However, there is plenty of amazing and affordable lash adhesives out there available both online and in stores.

Q. What false eyelash adhesive should I use?

A. Unfortunately, we do not stock any lash adhesive. However, there are plenty of amazing lash glues out there. We recommend you opt for a glue that is latex free, this is because many people are allergic to latex that is in the glue. You should also always do a patch test before using the glue.

Q. Why should I trim my Lash Envy Beauty Lashes?

A. Not everyone needs or wants to trim their fake eyelashes. However, we recommend you do cut your false eyelashes to fit your eyes. This will make your falsies fit like a dream, make them much more comfortable to wear and make them suit your eye shape better. Unsure on how to trim your falsies? It’s simple, place the false eyelashes against your eye. Where the lashes over hang on the side of your eye is where you will want to cut them. Grab a pair of small scissors and carefully trim the lashes. Check the false eyelashes against your eyes once more, if you need to trim a little more then go ahead. For more information of trimming your false eyelashes to size, click here to view our blog.

Q.Are my Lash Envy Beauty Lashes reusable?

A. Yes, our Luxury 3D Mink & Faux Mink (vegan) lashes are reusable up to 25 times! Our synthetic false eyelashes are reusable up to 15 times. This is as long as you take care of your falsies and keep them safe. For further information on caring, cleaning and looking after them check out our blog pages!

Q. Can I apply mascara onto my Lash Envy Beauty Lashes?

A. We recommend that you don’t apply mascara directly onto the falsies. However if you are opting for a more dramatic look then go ahead and apply the mascara to your natural lashes before you apply the false eyelashes.

QCan I use an eyelash curler on my Lash Envy Beauty Lashes?

A. Yes! Go ahead and curl them falsies. We recommend you do this if your lashes become a little flat after you’ve worn them a little too many times! It will bring the luscious curl back into your falsies and have those lashes looking like a new pair! We also suggest that you curl your natural eyelashes before applying the falsies, this will ensure your real lashes blend seamlessly with your fake lashes!

Q. Can I sleep with my Lash Envy Beauty lashes on?

A. We strongly discourage sleeping with your false eyelashes on. Sleeping with fake eyelashes on can deform the falsies and they would look to great the next day!

Q. Can I swim wearing my Lash Envy Beauty lashes?

A. We strongly advise that you don’t get your false eyelashes wet whist wearing them. This is the same as if you was wearing lash extensions. The lash adhesive will not be strong enough to keep the falsies on and could ruin the curl of the lashes. We would suggest you remove the lashes before going swimming.

Delivery & Returns

Q. What are the delivery rates?

A. We offer FREE delivery within the UK on orders over £20. This will automatically be changed at check out as long as you are within the requirements. On orders under £20, second class tracked postage is £1.99. Other countries will vary but we always make sure we keep shipping at an affordable price!

Q. Can I track my delivery?

A. Yes! We always make sure we send all orders either first class tracked and signed for delivery or second class tracked and signed delivery (within the UK). Any orders placed from outside of the UK will always be send via tracked and signed delivery so you can keep updated at all times on where your order is!

Q. How long do orders take to arrive?
A. Our 1st Class delivery typically takes 1-3 working days (after the day of dispatch). If your order has not arrived within five working days however, please contact us so that we can assist you further.

Our 2nd Class delivery typically takes 2-5 working days (after the day of dispatch)
Our international delivery services typically take up to 15 working days. Delivery times for international couriers may vary, please see our delivery page for approximate time frames.

Q. How can I contact you?
You can email us at info@lashenvybeauty.com

Q. What are your opening hours?
A. We’re open from 6AM until 9PM Monday to Sunday.

Q. How does the order process work?
A. Simply browse our website and add any products you’d like to purchase to your basket. Once you’ve finished browsing click on your cart then click “checkout”. You should then follow the on-screen instructions and enter information requested such as your postal address.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. For our UK customers we accept a range of payment methods including all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. Our international customers have a number of payment methods available, the exact payment methods available to you will depend on your location.

Q. When will my order be posted?
A. If you order before 3 PM Monday to Saturday, your order will be posted the same day. If you order after 3 PM Monday to Saturday, your order will be posted on the next working day. Payment for your order must be cleared before 3 PM otherwise your order will not be posted same day. Any orders placed on Sunday will be posted Monday morning.

Q. Where do you post to?
A. We post to customers across the UK, USA and Europe. UK customers receive FREE FIRST CLASS POSTAGE on orders over £40. We also ship to most countries outside of the EU, for more information about our international shipping options and delivery time frames, please see our Delivery Page.

Privacy, Payments & Order Status

Q. Is it safe to purchase online?

A. Yes, it is very safe, we put all our effort into making sure that your data is secured at all times by using the latest data security technologies.

Q.How do I know that my personal information won’t be misused?

A. The protection of both your personal, private and financial information is a huge priority to us. We will never pass any of your information on to a third party. We ensure that all information that we have been provided with is solely and exclusively used only for the purpose of fulfilling your purchase.

Q. Has my order been shipped?

A. We always make sure that all orders placed are shipped ASAP – if your order is placed before 3 pm Monday – Saturday, your order will be shipped the same day. If you purchase after 3 pm or on a Sunday your order will be posted ASAP the following day! Please keep in mind that the delivery time will vary depending on the country you are in and if you have paid for first or second class postage (UK).

Q. What currencies can I use?

A. You can order from our website in the following currencies: British Pound, U.S Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, and Euro. Your payment will automatically be converted by using currency rates as published by the ECB (European Central Bank).

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