Have you got what it takes to be a Lash Envy Beauty Promoter or Blogger

Lash Envy Beauty understand that building relationships with carefully selected promoters i.e. Social Media Influencers and Bloggers can be a rewarding experience for both us and our promoters. It is both beneficial and rewarding to see influencers promote out brand whilst themselves growing their own brand. We see this as the perfect influencer match bringing  benefits to both sides, after all we all want to grow and get media attention.

To be a Lash Envy Beauty promoter you do not need to be flavour of the moment in the social media world, or be a blogger with a massive following. Even if you have a modest following but your channel is well focused on beauty products with good engagement then you may well be a good fit with us.

As a Promoter you can expect to receive Lash Envy Beauty products to review and discount codes bearing your name to distribute among your followers to both promote us and build your standing as an influencer in the eyes of your followers. 

Instagram or YouTube would be the social media channels of choice. Having 2000+ followers and content well focused on beauty and make-up would be a great starting point. But that said, engaging content featuring outstanding make-up skills, photos, videos and material aligning with our business would be of more interest to us than pure follower count.

We will soon be establishing a YouTube channel focusing on ‘All Things Beauty’, so if you are an influencer that would like to collaborate or be featured/interviewed on the channel let us know.. 

So if you think we could work well together get in touch using our contact form, let us know your Instagram, YouTube channel or blog and we’ll check you out.