Caring for your Quality
Lash Envy Beauty Lashes 

With the correct care and attention Lash Envy Beauty Lashes will look gorgeous and be wearable for in excess of 20 wears. To help you achieve this we have compiled a short do’s and don’ts guide. Follow these simple guidelines and your lashes will be on point leaving you to concentrate on having a good time.

Do ensure your lashes are thoroughly cleaned after each wear.

Do store your lashes well. Lashes fair best when kept in their case when not in use.

Do carefully trim the very ends of the Lash band if the band is too long for your eye type.

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Don’t try cleaning your Lashes with just a make-up wipe, this is not effective and may result in you accidentally pulling the Lashes out of the Lash band.

Don’t ever trim the ends of the Lashes themselves, this will completely ruin the style of Lash.

Don’t cut the Lash band into sections. The Lashes are woven around the band and chopping it into sections and damaging the binding will result in the Lashes falling.

Don’t share lashes with friends. Sharing your Lashes with a friend can lead to any one of a number nasty eye infections, conjunctivitis etc. even if you think have cleaned them properly, don’t chance it.

 Lash Envy Beauty’s top Lash Cleaning Guide

Adopt the KISS approach (Keep It Simple Sister), otherwise you just won’t do it.

  • Prepare a small bowl of warm water with a dash of Micellar Water (or similar).
  • Place the lashes to soak in this preparation for 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Now gently massage the Lashes between thumb and index finder to. free any Mascara or Make-Up.
  • After soaking, any remaining glue should be soft enough to easily remove carefully with tweezers.
  • At this point if your Lashes still have remnants of Mascara, Make-Up or Glue, take-Up-Wipe to gently massage the Lashes until clean.
  • Once thoroughly clean the lashes should be placed on an absorbent paper towel and patted dry.
  • Once dry, store your little treasures in their box so they are ready for you next time you need them.