What Causes Puffy Eyes & How To Prevent Them

Puffy Eyes

There is more reasons to why you may have puffy eyes than lack of sleep or it ‘being in your genes’. It is important to look after your under eyes now so that your eyes don’t begin to age and gain wrinkles prematurely. Puffy eyes occur when the tissue supporting your under eyes are weakened which can occur from a number of factors you may not even realise. Keep reading to see if the following reasons match your lifestyle.

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Lack of Sleep

It might sound pretty obvious that lack of sleep causes puffy eyes, but the question is why does lack of sleep cause puffy eyes? When you are tired, you tend to yawn more than usual and this causes your eyes to water. Your eyes watering causes your eyes to appear puffy and swollen just like they would if you had been crying. Over time, if you are constantly tired from the lack of sleep it can cause you to get more wrinkles around your eye area and you may get them earlier than you should. Basically, when your eyes water for whatever reason, the fluid weakens the elasticity around the eye tissue which causes the wrinkles. It is best to pick a bed time that works best for you so you wake up feeling revived and not sleep deprived! If you’re someone who sleeps in way longer than you should do since you’re so tired, this may be due to over sleeping! Yes, you read that right. Over sleeping can make you more tired so select a bed time and stick to it, you’ll thank your self the next day and your skin will too in years to come!

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You may think you are drinking enough water each day but if you are consuming excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol this can quickly dehydrate you. Dehydration also comes along side with a lack of sleep or the whether such a hot weather. Carry round a bottle of water when you are at work and be sure to have a glass of water with every meal. If you struggle to ensure you drink enough, why not keep a drink diary so you can keep everything logged and improve your water intake.

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Applying Eye Cream Wrong

When applying anything around your eyes, you need to take extra care. The same applies for eye creams, when you apply these creams to your eye area, be careful not to apply to close to your lash line. This is because each time you blink you risk the cream coming into contact with your eyes. These products are not made to be deposited into your eyes and can be very irritable. This product can end up causing your eyes to become puffy as the eyes are trying to remove what shouldn’t be there! To avoid this, apply the cream further away from your water line, make sure that the cream doesn’t come into contact with your lashes as it will eventually end up sliding into your eyes due to the texture of the cream.

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High-Sodium Foods

Yes, some times of food can even give you puffy eyes. Foods that are high in sodium such as smoked, cured, salted or canned meat, fish or poultry, frozen breaded meats and dinners, such as pizza, canned foods, such as ravioli and spam or even salted nuts. So how does high sodium foods cause puffy eyes? The sodium encourages water retention under your eyes which results in swelling. Over time, this can have long term effect such as aging and wrinkles around your eye area.

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