Top 5 Makeup Tips For Almond-Shaped Eyes


It’s all about enhancing those beautiful eyes of yours. We have brought together our top 5 makeup tips for almond eyes, the best thing about it is you don’t have to be a makeup expert to use these techniques! Keep reading to find out how you can enhance your eyes.

What Are Almond Shaped Eyes?

Almond shaped eyes tend to be an oval shape with narrow corners, making them longer in width than they are round. Almond eyes tend to also be super symmetrical. Some people with almond eyes may notice their outside corners of their eyes may turn up slightly. Picture the shape of an almond, if your eyes are a similar shape you’ve got almond eyes!

Do I Have Almond Eyes?

  • With almond shaped eyes, the outer part of your iris is usually hidden under your top and bottom lids.
  • You have a visible crease in your eyelid – unlike those with round eyes.

Celebrities with Almond Eyes:

Take a look at some of these gorgeous celebs who have almond shaped eyes. This may help you to understand if this is your eye shape or not:

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Mila Kunis, Aishwarys Rai, Rihanna, Kate winslet, Scarlett Johanson, Gwen Stefani, Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Zoe Saldana, Olivia wilde, Eva longoria, Leighton Meester, Kerry Washington, Octavia Spencer, Penelope Cruz.

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1. Open Your Eyes with a Light / Neutral Eye Shadow 

Like we have said, it’s all about enhancing. To open up your eyes, use a light eyeshadow shade of your choice. We suggest you use light neutral colours such as creams and browns, apply and blend across your whole lid. This will give the appearance of wider more open eyes and will give you a gorgeous subtle smokey eye!

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2. Cat Eye Liner

This is the perfect eyeliner style for all those with almond shaped eyes! Not only does it draw attention to your eyes, but it also gives your eyes a lift. For this look, either use a pencil, crayon, liquid or gel liner it’s all about what you work best with. However, if you aren’t into sharp eyeliner, why not try using a pencil or crayon and using the ‘smudge’ technique? All you need to do to achieve this is create a cat eye liner and use a blending brush or your fingers to blend out the line. Be careful when doing this as it’s easy to over smudge and look like you have panda eyes! The colour on eyeliner can also help you achieve the look you’re going for. If you want added drama opt for a ultra-black or black liner, if you’re wanting a more subtle look, try a brown liner! Feeling creative or heading to a festival? Why not try neon or vibrant eyeliner shades such as yellow, pink or blue?

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3. Create a Winged Shadow Effect

Maybe eyeliner isn’t your thing. Why not create a winged effect using eyeshadow? To do this, add a dark eyeshadow shade such as black, brown or grey to create a smokey wing. Apply the eyeshadow to the outer half of your eyelid and blend out to wards your temple. This will enhance your almond eyes and is super quick and easy to achieve! Thank us later!

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4. Eyeshadow Underneath Will Emphasize Eye Shape

You can achieve this through either just applying eyeshadow just to your bottom lid or along with a full eyeshadow look. To do this, apply a smokey eyeshadow shade just under your bottom lashes and blend out. Be careful not to overdo this as its best to be subtle when you aren’t wearing eyeshadow on your top lid. Add a pop of eyeshadow to your inner corners and you’re good to go.

5. Use a Lighter Colour Eyeliner on Your Bottom Waterline

Go ahead and apply a black eyeliner to your top eye lid. However, when it comes to your bottom waterline we suggest you use a liner that’s lighter. A lighter shade eyeliner will enhance your beautiful eyes and make you look more awake, perfect for those early rises! Either use a nude, beige or white eyeliner on your bottom waterline, this will also make your eye colour pop!



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