Top 11 Home Remedies For Red or Sore Eyes

1. Take a Break from Screens

When you are concentrating on your phone or the TV, you may not realise it but you don’t blink enough. This causes your easy to become dry, irritable and can cause your eyes to become red. If you spend a lot of time in front on the screen, we suggest you take ‘blink breaks’ every 10 minutes or so to keep your eyes as healthy as possible! Did you know that screens can make you feel ill? You can feel sick and dizzy just like you would if you was travel sick!


2. Take Breaks from Makeup

If you are wearing heavy eye makeup and you are not removing it all correctly, it can irritate your eyes! When you apply eye shadow you may notice some fall out which can end up in your lashes and therefore in your eyes. Taking a break from heavy eye shadow a few times a week could make all the difference!


3. Make Sure Your Eyes Are Clean

When removing eye makeup most of the time we don’t always manage to get all down into the base of your eyelashes. This is great for bacteria and it is the perfect breeding ground for them. To make sure you are cleaning your lashes fully, use micellar water rather than a makeup wipe. Makeup wipes don’t remove all your makeup and can be drying on your skin and eyelashes so they are best avoided if you care about your skin and lash health.

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4. A Warm Sock Compress

Yes it sounds a little crazy but is actually effective believe it or not. The purpose of a warm sock compress is to mimic that of a self-heating eye mask. Many of us will already have a cotton sock and some rice at home. Grab a clean, cotton sock and fill it will uncooked rice that has been warmed up in the microwave. This is great since the rice holds the heat and it is dry in comparison to a warm wash cloth. It is important that the sock is cotton as other materials may melt in the microwave such as socks that contain a high percentage of plastic.

5. Not a Fan of the Warm Sock Compress?

Not to worry, you could always invest in a self-heating eye mask if you are not about the DIY projects. You can find these at most drug stores, pharmacies and online which will usually cost around £5 – £10.

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6. Use a Cold Washcloth

Applying a cold cloth to your eyes helps to sooth and relax your eyes. This is great for when your eyes are feeling tired or dry so we recommend doing this in the morning as a wake me up.

7. Apply Cucumber Slices

Just like the cold washcloth it is all about cooling and soothing your eyes. I mean, they don’t say ‘as cool as a cucumber’ for no reason! Slice up the cucumber into thin slices and pop them in the fridge or the freezer to cool, apply to your eyes and relax.

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8. Eye Drops

These work wonders from dry, itchy, irritable or tired eyes. You can pick eye drops up from most drug stores, pharmacies or super markets. Keep applying the drops to your eyes each day and you will soon notice your eyes feel soothed.  

9. Avoid Sitting under Air-conditioning / AC

The AC can cause your eyes to feel dry and irritated. Try not to sit directly in front of a fan either as this can have the same effects. However, if this has happened to you, we recommend that you use some eye drops to help moisturise your eyes.

10. Wear Sunglasses When Outside

When it’s hot or sunny you apply SPF however, your eyes also need protection from the sun’s harmful rays. When selecting a pair of sunglasses it is important that you opt for a pair that offer UV protection. Remember, you only every get one pair of eyes so take good care of them.


11. Stay Hydrated

Sounds pretty obvious right? Water is key to good health and keeping your skin and eyes healthy! When you are dehydrated, you will notice you have a dull completion, puffy eyes and may even get blood shot eyes. If you struggle with keeping your self-hydrated we recommend keeping a diary or a log to note when you last drank as well as setting reminders on your phone!

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