Premade VS Homemade Volume Fans

Which is better?

The huge debate, are premade volume fans or handmade volume fans better? The truth is there is no wrong or right way and it is simply up to personal preference. Many lash technicians enjoy using a mixture of premade and handmade volume fans based on the look their client wants to achieve as well as basing it on how full their natural eyelashes are. If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions don’t worry we have answered all your questions in this blog. If you are unsure of which is the best method for you, you’re in luck because we have put together all the advantages and disadvantages of using both premade and handmade volume fans!

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What is a volume fan?

If you are new to eyelash extensions you may be wondering what exactly is a volume fan. Basically, an individual eyelash extension is one singular lash extension, a volume fan is multiple singular lash extensions joined together at the base and this create a volume fan. Volume fans can either be directly bought already as a fan or you can make them by hand yourself.

First things first, what is the difference?

The difference is handmade (also known as pro-made) fans are put together by hand by the lash technician and are create usually with the client present. However handmade fans can be created prior to the appointment and stored ready to be applied to the client. Handmade volume fans are made by removing several extensions from the strip applied together and applied to the client. Pre-made volume fans are made usually by a machine and can be bought already as a fan, this defiantly saves time so that the appointment slot is shortened and more clients can be booked in one day. As the fans are premade you can simply apply the glue and place them directly on the client.

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Advantages of Premade Volume Fans

Saves time: All volume fans are already made and ready to be applied to the client whereas with handmade volume fans you need to make them up yourself by hand which takes a while especially if you will be applying a set to someone with a full set of lashes.

Weight: Premade fans can be lighter weight if they are bonded together using heat rather than glue, this is because glue adds weight to the lashes. When you create the fan by hand you will need to bond the lashes together with glue to create the fan which therefore makes handmade volume fans heavier than premade volume fans.

Much easier: Since creating handmade volume fans takes training, practise and skill it is much easier to apply premade volume fans. If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions it is a great idea to start with applying premade fans rather than attempting to make your own. Once you are feeling confident with your extensions you can move onto mastering the art of handmade volume fans.

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Disadvantages of Premade Volume Fans

Weight: Some premade volume fans are bonded together using heat which keeps them as light weight as possible, however some are bonded together using glue. The glue adds weight to the fan which will also needs to be dipped again into glue again to apply it to the client. If you create the fans yourself you have more control over how much glue is used. To keep fans as light as possible it is best to bond the lashes together using heat rather than glue.

Costs: Premade volume fans can be more expensive, however the price difference is not that significant so you should weigh up the pros and cons.

Lacks flexibility: Since the volume fans are already made you can’t customise the fan to suit your clients’ needs as it is already created and therefore you are not able to customise the length etc.

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Advantages of Handmade Volume Fans

Full control: All lash lines are slightly different, whilst some may have a rather sparse lash liner, others may have a full lash line and as a result you need to ensure their extensions are perfect for them. Creating volume fans by hand enables you to get creative and allows you to create a fan that is right for their lashes. You are able to create a volume fan that is the right length, diameter and weight for your client which will create amazing results.

Minimises damage: Handmade fans wrap around your clients natural lashes and therefore enables you to distribute the weight of the fan evenly. This helps prevent damage as you are able to control the amount of weight placed onto the client’s natural eyelashes.

Quality: As these are handmade volume fans which takes training and practise clients will be happy to pay more for your service since they will be receiving extensions that are perfect for them.

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Disadvantages of Handmade Volume Fans

Practise: It takes skill, concertation and practice. Like all things lash extensions it is an art form and most certainly a skill and will take practice to get your handmade volume fans perfect. Like we all know practise takes time, so if you feel you are pushes for time it may be best for you to stick with premade volume fans. You must keep in mind not all lashes are the same so if they look slightly different to each other that is a good thing!

Time consuming: If you are needing to get through clients quickly, handmade volume fans could take up time you don’t have. You may have to make the volume fans upfront prior to the appointment to make sure you can get through all the clients booked in.

So which is best?
This all depends on what suits you best there is no wrong or right way. Some lash technicians decide to use a mixture of both premade and handmade which give them variety. Some find that making their volume fans by hand is their preferred method as they prefer the results and some find premade fans to work amazingly on their clients. It is all down to personal preference. If you are unsure, we recommend you go ahead and explore using both premade and handmade as this is the only real way you can find what works best for you.

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