Lash Salon Hygiene: How to Sterilise Your Workspace & Tools 

Importance of Hygiene

Hygiene is very important in the beauty industry whether it is beauty products you are selling or carrying out a service. Hygiene should be one of your top priorities if you work in the beauty service industry. It is simply not enough just to wash your tools with water, you need to sterilise every single time!

With the corona virus / covid-19 pandemic, all lash artists need to understand how to correctly sterilize their workspace and tools. Even without a pandemic happening, is very important to keep everything clean and sanitised to lower the risks of spreading eye infections, illnesses and gems. Since you are an eyelash technician you are working around the eye area, this is an area that is highly susceptible catching and spreading gems if tools are used and not sterilized.  We recommend you have multiple of the same tools if you don’t have the time between appointments to carry out the correct cleaning of your tools.

Depending on the country or state you are in, there are different laws and regulations regarding hygiene in the salons. You should always do what you can to go above and beyond these standard hygiene measures. Not only does great hygiene keep risks low of spreading eye infections and gems but it also attracts customers!



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Cleaning, Sanitising, Disinfecting & Sterilising – What’s the Difference?

Cleaning: This involves cleaning your salon or tools with water of any temperature with or without soap. This also includes using products to clean that do not have any sanitising, disinfectant, anti-bacterial or anti-viral properties. Cleaning also involves hoovering up and dusting.

How this can be used as a lash tech: Clean your work area on a regular basis by keeping on top of hoovering, dusting and wiping down areas such as your table.


Sanitising: This involves using a cleaning product that contains alcohol. High alcohol concentrations work great in eliminating up to 99.9% gems and bacteria. A great example is hand sanitiser as this has a high concentration of alcohol and does a great job at sanitising hence why this is used widely in hospitals etc. During the Covid 19 pandemic, you should offer free use of hand sanitiser and require those who wish to use the salon to apply some before heading into the salon.

How this can be used as a lash tech: You should sanitise your bed area, tools and any other areas your client has been in contact with. You should also carry out a deep sanitation at the end of the day ready for the following day!


Disinfecting: This reduces bacterial but doesn’t not eliminate it, it will reduce the bacteria to a safe level.

How this can be used as a lash tech: You should always disinfect all your tools after using them on a previous client before using them on anyone else.


Sterilising: This involves killing all living organisms using a high heat.

How this can be used as a lash tech: Tools should be sterilised after being used on a client.

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Sanitizing your work station:

You can use disinfection wipes or sprays to sanitize your table, chairs, bed and anything your used tools have touched. Any products you use such as lash wand, micro brushes and eye pads should not be shared between clients at this could risk eye infections occurring. Instead of disposing of the lash wand after using it on your client, why not give it them afterwards to help with maintaining their lashes?



Before you see your next client, always wash your hands with soap and water and follow up with some hand sanitiser. This is very important and even more so due to Covid-19 and should be done as frequent as possible.


Disinfecting your lash supplies:

We understand that not all the tool you use can be disposable. You should always clean and disinfect all the tools you have used on a client before using them on the next.


Disinfecting steps:

Before disinfecting your tools, clean them hot water and soap as this will get any visible dirt off the tools. Dry the tool and move onto disinfecting it, you can either use a disinfectant wipe or a spray it is whatever works best for you. Not all disinfection products work in the same way so always make sure you read and follow the instructions on the bottle or pack.

Use fresh disinfectant, and follow the instructions on the disinfectant. Once you have disinfected it, be sure the rinse the disinfection off the product ready to use on your next client.


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