How to Set Up a Successful Eyelash Extension Business

Successful Eyelash Extension Business

Thinking of setting up your own eyelash extension business and becoming your own boss, but don’t know where you need to start? There are a few things you need to be aware of before diving into becoming your own boss which we will discuss here. Of course, depending on the country or state you live in, rules and regulations may vary, however the majority of things are roughly the same. You have probably thought of setting up your eyelash extension business long enough so let’s get into it!

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Depending on the country or state you live in, the licenses you need will vary. However, the majority of countries and states do require you to hold a license or an eyelash certification certificate. We strongly recommend you take a full eyelash extension course so you are fully qualified and understand the ins and outs of everything eyelashes.


This is vital if you are planning to set up your own eyelash extension business. Insurance needs to be taken out to protect your business, yourself and your clients in case anything bad was to happen. It is a great idea to carry out your own research on this to insure you get the best cover and prices so don’t just jump at the first you find!

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City Licenses & Permits

Once you have checked the licences required in your country or state, it is equally important to research if there is any licenses or permits required in your city. Not all cities require this but it is important you find out whether you need one in your city or not. If you are in a state, you may also need a sales tax permit if you are selling any retail products.

Consent Forms

It is also important you have consent forms that new and existing clients sign before their appointment. This form clearly cover any liabilities that could occur and your client should always clearly state any allergies, health conditions or if they have had any bad experiences in terms of reactions to previous eyelash extensions etc.

Business Entity

This again depends on the country or state you live in. You should carry out research and decide what is best for you and your business. Usually a lot of eyelash technicians become a limited company (LTD) in the UK or in the US a LLC.


In order for your business to boom, you need to decide how much you will charge your clients for different types of eyelash extensions. You should keep in mind the cost of the products used and the time it takes you to complete a full set or and infill and base the price on these factors. You should also keep in mind the costs of rent and bills etc if you are based in your own salon or renting an area in a salon and incorporate this in your pricing.

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