How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Removing Lash Extensions

Since eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent treatment they grow out usually within 2 – 4 weeks. When it comes to removing your eyelash extensions it is always best to get them removed by your lash tech. However, we understand that there isn’t all ways time for that whether your lash tech is booked up or you have a super busy schedule. How easy it is to remove your lash extensions at home depends on a few factors such as how much they have grown out and how many you have left. You should never pull or pluck your extensions out as this can cause damage to your real eyelashes and can result in hair loss. When it comes to removing your extensions you must only ever do it safely to avoid any irritation, in growing hairs or loss of eyelashes. Continue reading to find out our top at home tips and tricks.

When you first get your extensions done, most of you will be aware that you must avoid using any oil based products near your eyes as this will result in your extensions falling out due to the oil weakling and ‘melting’ down the glue. Since you are wanting to remove the extensions then oil or oil-based products are going to be your BFF. Don’t forget, if your lashes are partially stubborn, go ahead and try and mixture of these solutions.

Top Tip

A little extra tip is to before you begin trying to remove the lashes, steam your face. You can do this by having a hot steamy shower or bath or a face steamer. You can also use a bowl of boiling hot water and place you face over the bowl with a towel over your head. The steam will help to prep your lashes for the removal.

Oil-based Eye Makeup Remover

There are plenty of different oil based eye makeup removers to choose from, it doesn’t matter which you use as long as it has an oil base. To use the oil-based eye makeup remover to remove your lash extensions, soak a cotton pad in the makeup remover and gently rub it on your extensions.  Repeat this step until you have removed all the extensions. If there are any particularly stubborn extensions hold the soaked cotton pad on the area. You could also use a Q-tip soaked in the remover if there are any areas you find hard to get to.

Olive oil

This is a great alternative to coconut oil since most households have olive oil in the kitchen cupboards. It is also super gentle on your eyes as it is a natural product. Make sure you don’t get any of the olive oil in your eyes, if you do rinse thoroughly with water. To use the olive oil to remove your lash extensions, simply apply some to a cotton pad and gently rub the oil on the root of the extension to break the bond. Repeat until all lash extensions are removed.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Coconut oil

Is there anything coconut oil can’t be used for? Coconut oil is super affordable and is widely available both online and in stores. What is great about coconut is not only is it natural but it is hydrating and nourishing for your real eyelashes so your lashes will get a little TLC on the way! To use the coconut oil to remove your lash extensions, apply some coconut to either your fingers or a cotton pad. Rub the coconut oil on the root of the extension and you will begin to feel it loosen.  Keep repeating this step until you have removed all of your lash extensions.


Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Now Your Lash Extensions are Removed

You may feel your lashes look bold, why not pop on a pair of your favourite Lash Envy Beauty Luxury 3D Mink or Faux Mink false eyelashes? They are reusable up to 25 times so will last as long as your lash extensions do.

How to Apply False Eyelashes like a Pro

Step One: Remove Lash Envy Beauty Lashes from Box

Carefully remove the false eyelashes from the tray with a pair of tweezers or our Lash Envy Beauty Applicator tweezers. Hold the lashes from the false eyelash band. Alternatively, you could use your fingers to gently remove your Lash Envy Beauty lashes. It’s whatever method you find easiest.


Step Two: Lash Fitting 

Place the lash strip across your natural lash line. Decide if the lashes are too long for your eye shape or not. If so, you will need to trim the false eyelashes to fit. With a pair of scissors, carefully cut off the excess that is longer than your lash line. This step is very important as it is this part that will ensure your lashes look perfect for your eye shape. If the lash strip is longer than your natural lash line, the falsies will not sit properly on your eyelid and therefore they will look unbalanced!


Step Three: Apply Lash Adhesive

Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the lash strip. It is important that you wait 20 – 30 seconds before applying as this allows time for the glue to become tacky. When the glue is tacky, your falsies will stick properly. If the glue is to wet, it will be harder to apply as it will slip around everywhere! Tacky glue also means better, cleaner and easier application!

Extra tip: Never use cheap or unbranded glue. It is likely to be unsuitable for use around eyes and could irritate or burn your eyes! We suggest sticking to brands such as Duo glue.  


Step Four: Lash On!

Gently place the lash strip on the center base of your natural lash line. Then continue to the inner and outer base of your natural lash line. We recommend using the Lash Envy Beauty Applicator Tool to make it a simple and mess free process. Slightly press along the lashes to stick them as close to your natural lash line as possible. The closer you get, the more seamless the lashes will look! 

Extra tip: When placing your falsies onto your natural lash line, position the false eyelashes coming down onto your lash line. This makes sure the lashes sit properly and won’t hang downwards.

We have a wide range of different styles and materials to make sure we can match everyone’s lash needs!
Luxury 3D Mink Lashes – can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Lashes – vegan and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Multi Packs – vegan, three pairs of lashes and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Synthetic Lashes – vegan and can be worn up to 20 wears if looked after.
For more information on cleaning and caring for your lashes to maximum wear from them. Click here to view our guide!

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