How to Prevent Your Eye Makeup from Smudging or Fading

Eye Makeup

We understand the feeling after you have spent precious time creating the perfect eye look only for it to smudge or begin to fade a couple of hours after. That is why we have put together the ultimate guide full of tips and tricks that will help keep your makeup lasting all day long. Truth be told, there is more to locking your eyeshadow in place than simply popping on some eyeshadow primer before applying the eyeshadow. It is very important to prep your lids, select the right products and set everything in place. Continue reading to find out all our top tips and tricks for long lasting eye makeup.


First of all. Prep.

Prepping your eyes before applying any makeup products to them can work wonders. Just like the rest of your face, your eye area needs a little TLC. We suggest you use an eye cream or serum every morning and night for best results. Just remember you don’t need an expensive eye cream or serum to look after your eyes, you just need something that will give your eyes moisture and nourish them. However, if you have more maturing eyes, we suggest that you do select an eye cream or serum that is suitable for mature eyes as you will gain the best results from this.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Keep Your Eye Area Moisturised & Hydrated

Just like it is important to use eye cream or serums, it is just as important to keep them moisturised and hydrated. If you find your eyes are extremely dry, we recommend you go to your local GP to make sure you don’t have any underlying skin conditions such as eczema. However, if you find your eye area is dry pop on some unscented moisturiser, the more natural the moisturiser is the better.   


Apply an Eyeshadow Primer

If you are serious about wanting your eyeshadow to stay in place or not smudge then primer is your BFF. There is a variety of different primers available to suit everyone needs ranging from hydrating to matt finishes. Select the primer based on your needs and what kind of outcome you want to achieve. One of our top tips is to avoid using concealer to ‘prep’ your lids. This is great if you don’t need the eye makeup to last, but if you do need that then it is a big no-no! The concealer will make the eyeshadow or eyeliner move where as a primer helps to grip to the makeup products.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Select Long-lasting & Pigmented Eye Shadows

If you are looking for long lasting results it is important to use good quality products which state they are long lasting and if possible choose waterproof if it is an option. You should also choose a high pigmented eyeshadows as these will last much longer than other eyeshadows, remember the more pigmented the eyeshadow is, the less it will appear to fade. You should also choose a powder base rather than a cream base if you want long lasting results as cream bases are prone to moving around the lid due to your skins natural oil. When it comes to mascara and eyeliner always select a 24 – 48 hour or waterproof product over a standard liner or mascara.


Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Setting Sprays

Yes, you read that right! Not only are setting sprays super great for keeping your face makeup in place all day but they also work great for locking your eyeshadow and eyeliner in place! Not only does it lock your eye makeup in place but it also helps to bring out the pigment in your eyeshadow. Top tip: apply a small amount of setting spray to your eyeshadow blending brush then use this to apply the eyeshadow to your lid, this will help to bring the pigment out of your eyeshadows.


Lock Your Eyeliner in Place

Whether you are using a pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner there is a super simple trick to keep that liner in place! Simply, pop some eyeshadow on top of your eyeliner, preferably using a similar colour to your eyeliner and you are good to go! The eyeshadow acts as a setting powder and prevents the liner from smudging or fading.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes

This is the perfect choice if you want to keep things in place. Mascara has the tendency to flake off or smudge even the ones that claim to be waterproof. We recommend the Luxury 3D Mink or Faux Mink (vegan) false eyelashes as they are reusable up to 25 wears if looked after and are light weight and easy to clean.

How to Apply False Eyelashes Like a Pro

Step One: Remove Lash Envy Beauty Lashes from Box

Carefully remove the false eyelashes from the tray with a pair of tweezers or our Lash Envy Beauty Applicator tweezers. Hold the lashes from the false eyelash band. Alternatively, you could use your fingers to gently remove your Lash Envy Beauty lashes. It’s whatever method you find easiest.


Step Two: Lash Fitting 

Place the lash strip across your natural lash line. Decide if the lashes are too long for your eye shape or not. If so, you will need to trim the false eyelashes to fit. With a pair of scissors, carefully cut off the excess that is longer than your lash line. This step is very important as it is this part that will ensure your lashes look perfect for your eye shape. If the lash strip is longer than your natural lash line, the falsies will not sit properly on your eyelid and therefore they will look unbalanced!


Step Three: Apply Lash Adhesive

Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the lash strip. It is important that you wait 20 – 30 seconds before applying as this allows time for the glue to become tacky. When the glue is tacky, your falsies will stick properly. If the glue is to wet, it will be harder to apply as it will slip around everywhere! Tacky glue also means better, cleaner and easier application!

Extra tip: Never use cheap or unbranded glue. It is likely to be unsuitable for use around eyes and could irritate or burn your eyes! We suggest sticking to brands such as Duo glue.  


Step Four: Lash On!

Gently place the lash strip on the center base of your natural lash line. Then continue to the inner and outer base of your natural lash line. We recommend using the Lash Envy Beauty Applicator Tool to make it a simple and mess free process. Slightly press along the lashes to stick them as close to your natural lash line as possible. The closer you get, the more seamless the lashes will look! 

Extra tip: When placing your falsies onto your natural lash line, position the false eyelashes coming down onto your lash line. This makes sure the lashes sit properly and won’t hang downwards.

Apply Mascara Properly

Choose the Best Formula for You

There is no ‘best’ mascara, of course there are good and bad ones but it’s all about what works best for you and gives the best results. Before purchasing a mascara, decide whether you want waterproof or regular as well as the colour; ultra-black, black or brown, if you’re feeling adventurous why not try a coloured one. The colour you decide on depends on the look you’re going for, ultra-black is the most impactful and dramatic, whilst a brown will give you the benefits of mascara but will keep things looking more natural. You should also keep in mind and ask yourself the question of ‘what do I want from my mascara?’ If you are looking to lengthen your lashes then opt for a lengthening mascara. There are plenty of options such as volume, lengthening, long lasting, 24 hour etc. A top tip is to check the wand the mascara comes in, different wand types will give you different results; a thicker wand will give you more volume whilst a thinner wand will give you more length.


Wipe Off the Excess Mascara before Applying

Be sure the wipe any excess mascara off the brush before applying. If you don’t do this then you run the risk of clumpy lashes. However, for some this is the look they are going for so stack up them layers!


Apply Mascara to the Lash Root

When it comes to application you want to make the most out of the mascara. It’s always best to start working from the root and towards the end of your lashes. By applying mascara to the root, this gives the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes! Keep repeating this step until you are happy with the amount of volume you’ve achieved. You can also use this method on your bottom eyelashes.


The “Out-Up-In” Method

This method makes sure your lashes don’t all clump together and ensures they are more spaced out like your own lashes are. To use the ‘out-up-in’ method start at the outer corner of you eye, apply the mascara at an angle. This will pull the eyelashes up and out helping them appearing much longer. Next, move to the centre of your eye and pull the lashes up and move onto the lashes in your inner corner and pull them in. If you feel you need to be more precise in the inner corner then why not use the tip of the mascara wand?


Apply Mascara to Your Bottom Lashes

Use the same technique as you did on your upper lashes, but this time on your bottom lashes. We recommend you use a thinner mascara wand for this as it will help you be more precise and prevent you from getting on your under eye. If you find this hard to do without getting mascara everywhere apply some cello tape underneath your eye or hold a piece of card there. This will prevent mascara getting on your skin and will go on the cello tape or card instead.



Step Five: False Eyelashes

Like with any makeup look, no smokey eye is complete without a pair of your favourite pair of false eyelashes! Double liner looks insane when paired with a set of super full and fluffy false eyelashes, however if you are looking for something more natural go ahead and pop on some wispy lashes. We recommend the Luxury 3D Mink or Faux Mink (vegan) false eyelashes as there is a style for everyone ranging from natural styles to full glam! It’s always a good idea to apply mascara to your eyelashes before applying falsies, this is ensure that your real lashes will blend seamlessly with your false eyelashes.

We have a wide range of different styles and materials to make sure we can match everyone’s lash needs!
Luxury 3D Mink Lashes – can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Lashes – vegan and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Multi Packs – vegan, three pairs of lashes and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Synthetic Lashes – vegan and can be worn up to 20 wears if looked after.
For more information on cleaning and caring for your lashes to maximum wear from them. Click here to view our guide!

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