How To Do A Lash Lift

Lash Lifts

Striving for beautiful curly eyelashes? Who isn’t! There are many ways to enhance your natural eyelashes, a lash lift being one of them.

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that leaves your eyelashes with more of a upwards curl. It does a similar job to what mascara would do when applied however it only give them the curl, not the tint. This procedure is also only done on the upper eyelashes. So in short, a lash lift is basically a perm for your eyelashes.

How long do lash lifts last?

This depends on the person and how fast their eyelashes shed and grow. On average, a lash tint can last between 6 – 8 weeks and even up to 10 weeks on others. However, you must be aware that the longer it has been since you have had your eyelashes lifted the more the curl will drop. Another factor is how well you treat and look after your eyelashes.

How much does a lash lift cost?

In the UK a lash lift can cost anywhere between £35 – £55 depending on the area. In the US it will cost between $50 – $100.

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What can go wrong?

  • Not everyone can have lash lifts, some people can have an allergic reaction to the products used just like with any other procedure involving chemicals. Some people also have super sensitive eyes and a lash lift can cause them a lot of irritation.
  • Before any lash lifts, you should also check up if you or a client has any allergies, sensitivity or dry eyes. It is also recommended to not conduct a lash lift on those who are pregnant, on certain medication or have had laser eye surgery.  
  • If your eyelashes are over processed, your lashes can become really damaged, brittle and dry. Over processing can also result in eyelashes looking droopy or over curled which is really not great look.
  • If you are heading to a salon to get a lash lift, we recommend doing your research. Be sure to go to a salon, beautician or lash technician that is fully trained, qualified and insured. If you are using an at home DIY kit, you should be aware that you could suffer from an allergic reaction. If this is the case you must remove all product and clean your eye area thoroughly with clean cold water and seek medical advice. When it comes to procedures around your eyes, we advise you go to a professional if you have no experience in this area. However, since it is an at home DIY kit it is up to you if you want to do it yourself.
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Step By Step Guide to Lash Lifting:

  1. Prep! It is always important that you prep the eyelashes prior to any lash enhancement service. Lashes need to be cleaned thoroughly with an oil free cleanser or soap and water to remove any leftover makeup, dirt and natural oils. If the eyelashes are not fully cleaned prior to the service, the lashes will not hold their curl as long and therefore you will need a top up a lot sooner than you would normally need.


  2. Time to apply the silicone shield / mold onto the eyelid. There are various shapes and sizes which will give you different results and curls so choose the best one to suit you or your client. In order to make sure this sticks and doesn’t fall off mid application, you will need to apply a small amount of non-toxic glue.


  3. Next, you will need to apply some more glue to stick the eyelashes to the shield, this will make the eyelashes curl upwards and start to create a curl. You must make sure the eyelashes are separated properly and are not clumped together as this will affect the end results. The way the eyelashes look on the shield gives you an idea of what the final outcome will look like.
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4. Once all of the eyelashes are on the mould, check to see if all the lashes are separated out. When you are happy with what the eyelashes look like go ahead and apply the perming solution to them. The solution should be applied between the root and the middle of the lashes. Depending on the clients lashes and the thickness, leave the solution on for around on average of 10 – 15 minutes. However, all perming solutions have their own recommended timings so this should be followed for best results. The solution basically softens the eyelashes to create the curl, if this is left on too long the lashes will become damaged.

5. After you have waited for the perm solution to work its magic, remove the solution and apply the setting solution. This will harden up the eyelashes again to their normal form and it will set the curl in place.

6. Final touches! Apply an oil or conditioning product to the eyelashes to keep them healthy. Think of it this way, if you was to perm your hair you would want to keep it healthy by applying a conditioner, it’s the same for your eyelashes.

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For dark, lush and curly eyelashes, many opt for a lash tint alongside. If you are interested in finding out more about lash tinting or want to see a step by step guide click here to view our lash tinting blog page.

After getting your eyelashes lifted, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Avoid getting your lashes wet for around 24 – 48 hours to make sure your perm lasts as long as possible. You should also avoid excessive heat around your eyelashes for around 24 – 48 hours also so keep out of the sun or hot environments such as a steamy shower. Additionally, you should also be careful when sleeping by making sure you are not leaning on your eyelashes as this can affect their shape.

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Lash Lift Not For You?

Not sure if a lash lift is for you yet you still want long, dark, gorgeous lashes? Why not try our Luxury 3D Mink or Faux Mink false eyelashes? They are light weight, quick to apply and can be worn up to 25 times per pair! What’s not to love? False eyelashes are also great to wear in between lash appointments or if you are feeling you want to look more glam.

We have a wide range of different styles and materials to make sure we can match everyone’s lash needs!
Luxury 3D Mink Lashes – can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Lashes – vegan and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Multi Packs – vegan, three pairs of lashes and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Synthetic Lashes – vegan and can be worn up to 20 wears if looked after.
For more information on cleaning and caring for your lashes to maximum wear from them. Click here to view our guide!

For more inspiration and creative looks, click here to check out our Instagram (@lash_envy_beauty).

If you have any further questions regarding our lashes please click here to view our FAQ. If your question has not been answered, please contact us via email at info@lashenvybeauty.com 

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