How to Clean Eyelash Extension Tweezers & Tools

Cleaning Eyelash Extension Tweezers & Tools

As an eyelash technician cleanliness and sanitation is a very important part of lashing! You use your tweezers and tools everyday so it is important to clean them regularly and look after them well since your tools are key to your trade. Let’s discuss why and how to properly clean, sanitise and disinfect those beloved tweezers and tools of yours…

How often should I clean my tweezers and tools?

You should always disinfect your tweezers after every single client they have been used on – no exceptions! Making sure your tweezers and tools are cleansed properly after use prevents unwanted infections, germs or bacteria spreading from client to client. We recommend that you clean your tools straight after your client so that you are all prepped and ready for the next one. It is also a great idea to have extra tweezers and tools in case you find you are pushed for time in-between appointments.

What you need:
• Barbicide
• Implement Tray
• Tweezers (used for cleaning and disinfecting)
• Acetone
• Cotton Swab

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  1. Check your tweezers for an adhesive that may have got onto the tip of your tweezers. It is super important that you always remove this as it will affect how well your tweezers work and therefore can impact on how well the full set of eyelash extensions turn out. If you haven’t got any eyelash adhesive on your tweezer tip, you can skip onto the next step. However, if you find you have this needs to be removed. Keep in mind if your tweezers have any colour or finish on them to be careful that you don’t get any acetone onto the coloured / finish part. To remove the eyelash glue from the tips of your tweezers, grab a cotton swab and apply a small drop of acetone to the swab. Swipe the swab all over the area that has adhesive on, keep swiping the acetone onto the area until all the adhesive is removed completely.  
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2. Once all the eyelash adhesive is removed from the tip of your tweezers, it is time to disinfect your tweezers and tools. Grab your implement tray, read the instructions provided on the Barbicide. Mix both the Barbicide and water in the implement tray (following the instructions provided).

3. Place your tweezers and tools into the tray and leave to soak for around 10 minutes or what the instructions suggest. Do not soak your tweezers for longer than advised especially if the tweezers and tools you have are coloured or have a finish to them. This is why we suggest you have double of your tools as it takes time to clean and you may have back to back client appointments.

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4. Always make sure you wash your tweezers and tools in warm water after soaking them to ensure all excess product is removed. If you don’t remove all the product from the tweezers or tools you may find that the colour or finish may taint or damage them.

5. Dry your tweezers and tools. This is also important as you don’t want your tools to become damaged or begin to rust!

6. Repeat these steps after using any of your tweezers or tools on any of your clients.

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