How to Become Faster at Eyelash Extensions

Become a Pro 

Some lash technicians take longer than others to create the perfect pair of eyelash extensions. On average a classic set takes around 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours, a classic infill takes around 1 hour – 1 hour 25 minutes. A full set of volume extensions takes around 2 hours – 3 hours whilst a volume infill takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes – 1 hour and 50 minutes. Don’t worry if you cannot complete your extensions in these time frames as we all work at our own paces and the truth is lashing is an art and should not be rushed. It is great being able to lash and meet these time frames as you are able to book more clients in and waste little of your precious time as a lash boss. However, if you are looking to speed things up, we have just what you need! We have brought together some amazing tips and tricks to help you speed up without damaging the quality of your lashing!

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Multi Task!

You want to get the perfect balance of chatting to your client but also getting the job done in lash boss timing. Learning to multi task will save you a lot of time, many lash artists may find themselves chatting away and realising they have stopped lashing! This can cause problems such as the procedure taking longer than necessary and sometime causing their appointment times to cut into another clients. Try and make sure that you don’t stop lashes to talk and instead chat away whilst always carrying out the procedure, this can cut time down by around 15 minutes. Time is money!

Prep for Your Clients

It is all about saving time so that you can fit as many clients in as possible whilst still creating high quality sets of extensions. All of the following could save you between 5 and 10 minutes, this might not sound a lot but all our tips and tricks together will save you a lot of time!  To prep for your clients you want to have everything prepared for when they walk through the door. If you know your client wants a full set of volume extensions, get everything out and ready that you need to complete a full set of volume lashes. You should have all your tools disinfected prior to the appointment time and if you are making homemade fans, get these made ahead of time. For some of your clients you may want to use some quality pre made volume fans as this will save a lot of time. All the products you use should be close at hand so that you can simply reach out for what you need rather than having to walk back and forth for these items, this will save time. There may be some extra bits you want to invest in such as lash stones, a glue ring, lash tile, a forehead mat etc. These little extras are super affordable, help you keep organised and keep everything you need at hand.

Isolation & Find Your Angle

This is a very important step in creating a perfect set of extensions and this should not be rushed. However, it is a great idea to really practise this as the more of a pro you are the faster you will work without decreasing quality.

What works for one lash artist, doesn’t always work so good for another. Have a play around and find what angle works best for you, not only will this make applying lashes easier for you but it will also help you isolate much better. Remember, the better you are at isolation, the faster you will become at it! Don’t be afraid to ask your client to move around or even tilt there head, just like you they want to make sure they come out with perfect lashes!

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Apply Short Extensions before Isolating

Ever struggle when your client has short natural eyelashes? Sometimes these kinds of eyelashes get in the way during isolating, however if you add an extension to it lashing suddenly becomes a lot easier. The extensions you apply to the short lashes should be thin and short to avoid damage. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and thank us later!


Try Taping Up Extensions

Tape is great for not only making it easier to lash but also saving time. Many lash techs don’t think to use the tape for anything other than separating the client’s bottom lashes. You can use tape to help with your isolation, you can use the tape to make it easier to get to your clients natural eyelashes. To do this, tape back some of the clients extensions and begin to isolate the next lash, continue this process until you have finished.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Use a Time Saving Isolation Method

We highly recommend using the weaving method to isolate, this makes it not only easier to isolate the lashes but also speeds the process up. You will find that a lot of lash pros use this method and if you haven’t tried it, you need to try it right now! Remember, practise makes perfect!


Avoid Over Brushing

Yes, you should brush through your client’s extensions but keep it to a minimum. A lot of the time you are brushing through their lashes is pretty unnecessary, the truth is you only really need to brush through around 5 – 6 times during a full set and as little as 2 – 3 times with an infill!


Practise Makes Perfect!

Like we haven’t said this enough already. Lash extensions are an art and all great artists have practised as much as possible to get to where they are today. Try to set goals and focus on specific areas you want to improve. For example, set a goal to improve your isolation, once you have improved your isolation method you will also notice that you have become a lot faster.


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