How To: Give Your Eyes More Definition With Tightlining


Also, it’s important to note that there are two types of tightlining: one where you line the entire upper waterline for a deep, sensual look, and one where you carefully line in between the lashes to create “invisible definition,” aka, the illusion of thicker and fuller individual lashes. No matter which one you’re attempting, these tips will come in handy.

What is tightlining AKA invisible eyeliner:

Basically tightlining is where you line you upper lids waterline. You have all properly heard about lining your bottom lid water liner before but tightlining will give you the illusion that you are not wearing any eyeliner but you get all the great benefits from doing it! Think of it as a beauty lover’s secret weapon which is used a lot by makeup artists and celebrities.

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Pro’s of Tighlining:

You see the eyeliner so much when you tightline but it will certainly lift your eyes and give your lashes the appearance of much more volume. This is perfect and a go to for any of you hooded eyed beauties out there who want to make their eyes pop. It also works wonders on tired or ageing eyes.

Ok sounds great, how to I do it?

Follow this simple step by step guide and you will soon know the makeup industries top secret – tightlining. Always remember your waterline and eyelids are a delicate and sensitive area and you should always be careful when doing anything to these areas.

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Step One

We recommend that you curl or apply some mascara to your lashes to lift them so you have a better view of your water line. If your natural lashes are already curly then you can skip this step. Next, make sure your waterline is ‘dry’ by this we don’t mean dry it out but make sure it’s not too wet that the eyeliner won’t stick. You can do this by using a cotton bud / Q-tip and gently dapping the area.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Step Two:

Decide on the type of eyeliner you want to choose; black or brown, white or nude, crayon, pencil, liquid or gel liner. This is totally up to your preferences and what final look you want to achieve. We recommend if you are new to liner using a pencil as it’s such quicker and easier to be precise with. Make sure your pencil liner is sharped as you may struggle if it is too blunt. One of our tips is once you have sharpened the pencil, rub it on your hand to make the point blunter so you don’t hurt yourself. In terms of the colour of eyeliner you use it depends also on the look you want to achieve. Black will give you the most dramatic look whilst brown is more subtle. If you are wanting to widen your eyes and look more awake, we suggest using a white or nude coloured liner. If you’re heading to a festival you could always go for a neon liner which would look absolutely insane! If you are opting for liquid or gel liner, make sure the brush you are using is pointed and precise for the best results. If the brush it to thick and clumsy it will make the application much harder. The best time of brush we recommend is a thin flat brush as this is a pretty fool proof hack to get that tightline looking perfect.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Step Three:

Carefully and gently lift your lid up slightly and apply the liner to your waterline. If you are new to this take your time and you will soon get the hang of it. Don’t worry if you mess up a little, you can always use a cotton bud / Q-tip to clean it up later. Feel like you want to add a little extra something? Why not go all out with the eyeliner and create a wing?

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Step Four:

Add your mascara or false eyelashes. We recommend if you used black liner you go for black mascara / false eyelashes. This will give you the more dramatic and voluminous look. The best lashes to use with this look in the Luxury 3D Mink or Faux Mink (vegan) lashes. This is because they are 3D, super soft, fluffy and voluminous and will make your eyes pop.

Step Five:

Set the liner! Apply a small amount of powder to a small brush and lightly tap along where the liner is. This will make sure it doesn’t smudge or budge all day.


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