The Most Flattering Eyeshadow Shades for Every Eye Colour

Enhancing Your Eyes

So you’ve grabbed your favourite pair of falsies ready to do your makeup and you’re feeling a little creative. You want to make your eyes pop by contrasting your eye colour with eyeshadow, which colours will do this? We have put together the ultimate guide to help you understand what colours work best with your eye colour to enhance those beautiful eyes of yours. Keep reading to find out which are your perfect matches!

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Blue Eyes

Oranges or pink shades work wonders on blue eyes! This is because these shades contrast with your beautiful blue eyes and really enhance the blue! However, we are aware that not everyone is super comfortable wearing bright colours on their eyes. If this is the case, we recommend you start of lightly and built up the colour until you’re happy with it. This will still enhance the blue in your eyes but will give you a more natural look!

Shimmery shades also work very well with blue eyes. Shimmery shades such as gold or champagne eyeshadow colours work best. These eyeshadows complement blue eyes. Why not try adding a shimmer to your inner corners you could even just use a highlighter to do this. To enhance the shimmer, apply some setting spray to your brush and then apply it to your inner corners.

Neutral colours if you’re looking for more natural colours rather than oranges or pinks, try neutral tones. These colours will still enhance those blue eyes without bringing too much attention to them.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Grey Eyes

Metallic shades such as silver, grey or blue. Simply apply one of these metallic shades to your lid and your good to go! For a more subtle look, you could apply a metallic shade to your inner corners.

Smokey colours, why not try a smokey eye using blacks, greys and silvers. This look will bring attention to your eyes and bring out those beautiful eyes of yours! Add some eyeliner to glam up this eye look.

Bright colours, if you want to brighten up your eyes, we recommend using bright colours such as oranges, pinks, blues or greens. If you don’t feel daring enough to go for the more neon colours, apply the eyeshadow lightly and build up the colour until you’re happy with the outcome.


Brown Eyes

Most shades work well with brown eyes due to their neutral colour however, if you want to make them pop use the following shades:

Metallic shades, silvers, greys and charcoals work wonders from deep brown eyes. Try applying a metallic shade to your inner corners to brighten up your eyes.

Smokey colours, a good smokey eye will accentuate brown eyes making them appear a softer brown. Applying a winged liner with this eyeshadow look will create the perfect look for a night out!

Hazel Eyes

Browns and greens work wonders, try contrasting these colours with metallic shadows to really bring out them eyes.

Purples also work very well with hazel eyes, a colour other eye colours may struggle to pull off! Take advantage of this and use it to make your eyes pop.


Green Eyes

Purple is your colour! Plums, violets and deep purples bring out the green in your eyes. Add some eyeliner for the ultimate look!

Bronze and red shades, this is because of the colour weal reds are the opposite to green therefore contrasting with your eyes. This will brighten the green. If you’re opting for reds select mahogany or burgundy shades for the best contrast!


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