Eyelash Extensions & Wearing Strip Eyelashes

Why You Should Not Wear False Eyelashes With Eyelash Extensions

When your lash extensions are due an infill, it can be very tempting to pop on a pair of your favourite false eyelashes. Don’t. The only time you can actually do this is if you have decided you no longer want eyelash extensions and are just waiting on them all to fall out. For lash technicians, applying false eyelashes on top of your extensions is just a disaster waiting to happen, it not only damages the extensions but it is hard and time consuming to remove the excess glue. If you want to keep your lash extensions in tip top condition, follow our advice and don’t put on a pair of falsies on top. If you are applying false eyelashes to create a more dramatic and full look, it is worth having a chat with your lash tech as you are most likely best suited to a fuller set of extensions such as volume or Russian lashes. Your eyelash tech will also be able to select the best kind of curl, length and thickness for you so that you can sit back and achieve your perfect lash look! Read below to find out why applying false eyelashes on top of your extensions is so bad…

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Why you shouldn’t wear strip eyelashes over your eyelash extensions:

Even if you only apply false eyelashes over your extension once that will still damage your extensions! This is because the false eyelashes add extra weight on to your eyelash extensions which will cause some of your extensions to prematurely fall out. This will mean you will have to bring forward your next infill appointment which is not always possible if the salon is booked up.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

The Glue

The glue you use to apply your false eyelashes is really hard to remove from eyelash extensions. Yes, it is super easy and quick to remove from your real eyelashes, however eyelash extensions are different! Your lash technician will know instantly when you go for an infill if you have been applying a sneaky pair of falsies and even your lash tech will find it hard to remove the excess glue that remains amongst your lashes.

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Prolongs the Appointment

When you head to your appointment, your eyelash tech will need to sit with you and remove all the excess glue. All excess glue much be fully removed before applying a full set or an infill. This is rather time consuming and will make your appointment much longer so avoid the falsies when wearing extensions! Even for your lash tech, it is very hard to remove the excess glue from your roots. It is already a long process getting a full set or an infill without adding extra time removing the glue by hand!


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