Eyelash Extensions Questions & Answers

Eyelash Extensions – Q&A

We are here today to answer all your questions regarding eyelash extensions. We have answer all our most frequently asked questions and provided simple but in depth detail when answering your questions. Whether you are new to eyelash extensions, becoming a lash technician or simply curious everything you need to know is answered right here!

Is redness normal with lash extensions?

Red eyes can cause: Irritability, sensitivity, pain, watery eyes, itchiness or swelling.

Reasons why you may have red eyes: If you have sensitive eyes you are more than likely to experience red eyes. If you are pregnant you can become more sensitive to products used. You could be allergic to the glue or other products used.

It is common that you will experience red eyes after having your eyelash extensions freshly applied. This normally lasts between 24 – 48 hours after having the extension however a lot of people notice it will go away after a couple of hours. How long the redness lasts differs person to person as it is all to do with how sensitive your eyes are. If you know you have very sensitive eyes, we would recommend that you avoid getting eyelash extensions as it could cause a lot of issues such as increased sensitivity, irritability and even eye infections. However, some people don’t experience any redness after getting their eyelash extensions applied and this is completely normal as well!

If you notice that the redness doesn’t go after a couple of days we recommend you seek medical advice to get treatment. There are creams, lotions and eye sprays available that could help ease the irritably and the redness so don’t worry. However, sometimes those who have has red eyes and / or irritability could be due to an allergic to a product used during the procedure such as the glue used, cleanser etc.

Sometimes the red eyes you may experience can be from bad hygiene in the salon. This is way it is so important to carefully select the salon and lash technician you use by checking reviews etc.


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Am I having an allergic reaction to my eyelash extensions?

Firstly, don’t panic it is common to experience redness or sensitivity in your eye area of getting eyelash extensions applied. If you have experienced side effects after having eyelash extensions applied, it is easy to assume you have had an allergic reaction to a product used. However, most of the time redness may occur due to your eyes just being sensitive and you should notice the redness going away after a few days at most. However, if the redness or other side effects continue after 48 hours you are likely to have had an allergic reaction. If this is the case, you should seek medical advice and use treatments to sooth and calm the redness or other side effects. If it is confirmed you are allergic to any of the products used in the process of applying eyelash extensions you should avoid getting your eyelashes done in the future. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean you can have gorgeous, luscious long eyelashes! There are plenty of other options such as trying lash tints or lash lifts but the most popular alternative is 3D false eyelashes. These are a great option since you can still achieve the same look you would have with eyelash extensions but without the pain, irritability or allergic reactions; it’s a win, win situation!

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What are eyelash extensions made of?

This is what is so great about eyelash extensions, there is a variety of materials you can choose from. The most common and popular materials use are synthetic, silk, faux mink and mink extensions. Each of these different materials achieve different effects, the most realist option that will mimic the look of your natural eyelashes is faux mink and mink eyelashes. However, faux mink and mink lashes are more expensive than synthetic and silk extensions so you should bare that in mind when deciding which material you want to go for. You should avoid mink extensions if you are vegan or do not wish to wear animal fur as these are made from minks fur.


Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?

You should always follow the guidance given by your lash technician regarding aftercare. Your lash artist is very experienced and will know how you can make the most out of your extensions and you should therefore follow their advice.

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure and therefore they will shed and fall out overtime and you will need an infill. Eyelash extensions last on average between 2 – 4 weeks depending on the person, this is because everyone’s natural eyelashes grow and shed and different speeds. However, if your extensions seem to be falling out in clumps or prematurely it could be because of the following factors; you have got your lashes wet before 48 hours after you had your lashes applied (for example, by washing your face, showering or swimming). You’ve been in a hot environment which has damaged the glue bond between your real lashes and your extensions (such as in hot weather). You’ve been in a steamy environment within the 48 hours after having your extensions applied (such as a shower, bath, steam room etc.).

Many people get into the habit of picking and pulling at their extensions, this causes your extensions to fall out prematurely and damage you real eyelashes. You should avoid touching your extensions as much as possible and only touch them to brush through them to prevent them becoming matted, tangled or a mess.

Another reason why your eyelashes extensions may be falling out prematurely may be due to using products such as skincare, makeup and makeup remover that contains oils. If you haven’t heard this already, oil is eyelash extensions worst enemy. This because the oils brake down the glue bond and therefore your extensions will fall out prematurely and even in clumps. Just avoid oil based products at all cost if you want your extensions to last!


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How long do eyelash extensions last?

On average, eyelash extensions last between two to three weeks depending on how fast your natural eyelashes grow and shed. You should always book your infill appointment ahead of time to make sure you will always have your lashes looking full and gorgeous at all times. There is nothing worse than not being able to book an appointment for an infill and it being booked up. You will then have to pay for a full set and lay on your back for 2.5 – 3 hours again!

You may notice that in the fall months your extensions don’t last as long and shed a lot faster than usual. This is completely normal and a lot of people notice this. At the moment, there is no way to prevent fall shedding however there is research being carried out regarding this matter.

However, there are things you can do to ensure your extension last longer! You must be very careful with your lashes for 24 – 48 hour after having your eyelashes applied, this is because the glue bond between your natural eyelashes and your extensions are still curing. Therefore you must be sure to avoid getting your eye area wet, applying makeup near your lashes, avoid hot or steamy environment and avoid any oils / oil based products around your eye area. After 48 hours you can apply makeup, get your face wet and be in these environments but must avoid oil products near your eyes. You should still try to avoid these factors where possible if you really want your extensions to last but in some cases this is not always possible (for example, you may live in a hot humid environment). Trust us, it sounds like a lot of does and don’ts but it will defiantly be worth it when you have luscious lashes for longer!


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Will eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

You should always be sure to carry out research when trying to find a lash tech. You should only get your eyelash extensions applied by a fully trained, qualified and insured lash technician. If you go to someone who is not qualified you run the risk of damaging your eyelashes, getting any eye infection and coming out with not so cute lashes.

If you get your eyelash extensions applied properly, follow after care guidance and give your natural eyelashes a break every couple of months your real eyelashes should not be damaged much.

The heavier your extensions are, the more damage you can cause to your natural eyelashes. This is because eyelash extensions put excess weight and pressure on your eyelashes and this is what damages them. Therefore those who settle for a pair of classic extensions are less likely to experience damage to their eyelashes than those opt for heavier lashes such as a volume set or Russian set.

The material your extensions are made out of also impacts how much damage you may have from lash extensions. For example, silk and synthetic lashes are heavier and thicker than faux mink or mink lashes. Like we discussed previously, you want to avoid any unnecessary weight to your lashes so if you are looking for a vegan option we suggest you go for faux mink and if you want the real thing, choose mink extensions.

Another factor that could cause damage to your eyelashes is the products your lash technician uses on your lashes. Lash techs should always use high quality products such as lash adhesive to keep damage to a minimum. High quality eyelash adhesives should contain less damaging and toxic chemicals than cheaper, low quality adhesives.

Can I trim my eyelash extensions?

Don’t, please just don’t even think about it. Not only will you destroy your beautiful set of extensions, your lash technician will not be pleased. If you want to have shorter eyelash extensions just wait for you next appointment, if you simply cannot wait then go ahead and book in a removal appointment. You can discuss options for shorter lashes with your lash tech which will be no problem. If you attempt to cut your extensions they will look very unnatural, blunt and not cute at all. This is because the extensions are thicker at the base and thin out towards the end. You could also end up cutting your real eyelashes which will cause a lot of damage and will take a long time to grow back to normal, it is just not worth it.

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Can I wear false eyelashes over my eyelash extensions?

No. Don’t even think about it. The glue you use to apply your falsies to your eyes will be near enough impossible to remove from between your lashes and extensions. You may think that you have removed all the glue and disposed of any evidence but your lash tech will notice straight away, and they won’t be happy. Your lash artist will need to remove all of the built up, messy glue which will cut into your appointment time this could take half an hour or even more and they may not be able to remove it all. If you want fuller lashes, you should talk to your lash technician in your next appointment and they can create the perfect lashes for you. If you are tempted to apply false eyelashes to create a night time look but want a natural look in the day, eyelash extensions are most likely not the best match for you. You would be best to opt for false eyelashes rather than extensions as you can switch things up whenever you want and as much as you want.

We have a wide range of different styles and materials to make sure we can match everyone’s lash needs!
Luxury 3D Mink Lashes – can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Lashes – vegan and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Luxury 3D Faux Mink Multi Packs – vegan, three pairs of lashes and can be worn 20 – 25 wears if looked after
Synthetic Lashes – vegan and can be worn up to 20 wears if looked after.
For more information on cleaning and caring for your lashes to maximum wear from them. Click here to view our guide!

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