Eyelash Extensions & Pregnancy

If you are new to the eyelash extension world, you are probably thinking what has being pregnant got to do with extensions? It is actually important to find out whether your client is pregnant prior to the appointment just as you would with any other cosmetic procedure. There are various reasons as to why you need to know if your client is pregnant or not, one reason being you need to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. You will also need to run a patch test prior to the appointment date to make sure there are no reactions etc.

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First things first, always check if your client is pregnant prior to the appointment

When it comes to getting any cosmetic procedure done, it is very important to always ask if your client is pregnant. This is a safety measure that much be put in place to prevent any problems or health risks occurring. Usually those pregnant who have their eyelash extensions done don’t have a problem, however some develop allergic reactions or irritation during pregnancy which can make the process really uncomfortable for them.

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Be sure to extend your appointment time

It can take a few hours for eyelash extensions to be put in, especially if it is a full set. Depending on how many weeks you are pregnant, it can become very uncomfortable laying on your back for several hours. It may be that you need to offer your client to sit up and have a little walk around during the process to ease any discomfort. It is recommended you add on an extra 10 – 20 minutes to the appointment slot to allow time for your client to move around. Many eyelash technicians find that extensions are a rather popular procedure for those pregnant, especially full sets so they are all ready for their due date

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Always run a patch test!

Even if your client is a regular, you still need to run a patch test if your client is pregnant. If a client has experienced any reactions in the past with eyelash extensions, a patch test should be carried out each and every time prior to the appointment! If a client is pregnant and has had a reaction previously, you should not go ahead with the procedure. A patch test very quick to do and can prevent any side effects occurring. You can run a patch test by testing a small by applying a few lashes. This is because those pregnant can become sensitive and allergic to certain things during pregnancy and the glue you use could be one of them! The patch test should be done prior to the appointment to allow time to show any side effects (usually around 24 – 48 hours). Usually those pregnant don’t have any side effects to the products used when it comes to lash extensions, but like they say it is always better safe than sorry!

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Allow them to lay on their side

This is a great way to make your pregnant client as comfortable as possible. Many find that during their pregnancy it can be super uncomfortable to lay on their back, especially for long periods of time. Allowing your client to alternate from laying on their back to their side will make the appointment much easier for the both of you. If your client is laying on their side, you will have to do one eye at a time. You should also allow you client to bring their own support pillows or supply them ready for you client you use. It is all about making the experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, they will really thank you for it!

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