Eyelash Extensions & How to Apply Under Eye Pads

What Are Under Eye Pads & What Are They Used For?

Under eye patches are used by all eyelash extension technicians for covering their client’s lower / bottom eyelashes during application. The eye pad is placed under the client’s eye before the application process, however it is not as straight forward as simply applying the pad to the client. There is a technique to applying the patches, they need to be placed in the right position and secured well so that it doesn’t move or irritate the client. There are also several types of under eye pads such as gel pads and silicone pads.

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How to Apply Under Eye Pads Correctly:

Under eye pads need to be applied before you begin the eyelash extension application. Depending on your client’s face shape and size you will need to match up an under eye pad that fits well. To apply the pads, make sure your client does not speak whilst you apply the pads. Ask you client to look up straight, this will help you to see all of the client’s under eye lashes and make it easier for you to apply. Balance all of the client’s bottom eyelashes down and apply the eye pad. Be sure to always keep around 2 – 3 mm away from their water line. Now the under eye pad is applied, ask the client to close their eyes and check it is comfortable and they can close their eyes fully. If the client feels any discomfort move the pad until the client is happy with it. If it is the clients for time getting eyelash extensions explain why it is important it is comfortable and they are able to close their eyes fully.

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What happens when under eye pads are applied incorrectly?

If under eye pads are misplaced on the client, a variety of problems can occur. All lash artist want their client’s to enjoy the experience and love the end result so place them eye pads correctly!

  • Bruised Eye or Bloodshot Eye: This is due to the under eye pad being placed too close to the clients waterline and eye. This can cause irritation and can even scratch the clients eyes.
  • Under Eye Swelling / Irritation: This can be a small amount of swelling or a lot depending on the client and how badly the under eye pad was on for. Irritation can include tearing, redness, burning sensations and itching.
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How to Prevent Under Eye Swelling:

  • One under eye pad doesn’t fit all! Always make sure the pad you use on your client fits their under eye shape properly.
  • Always be gentle when applying the pad to the client’s under eye, some people have more fragile / sensitive under eyes than others.
  • Leave a 2 – 3 mm gap beneath the client’s lash line – pads that are placed too close to the waterline can cause bruising to the eye, swelling and bloodshot eyes.
  • If the pad moves or begins to slip during the service, make sure you move the pad back into the correct position. Keep checking on the eye pad throughout the procedure and check your client is comfortable and can close their eyes properly.



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