Eyelash Extensions & Hay Fever

Eyelash Extensions & Hay Fever

Many people suffer from hay fever during the summer months so it is pretty common. Hay fever actually weakens the immune system and therefore become more sensitive to products they may not have been to in the colder months. However, as common as it is, it is not recommended to apply eyelash extensions to your clients who suffer from hay fever.

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Why you should avoid applying eyelash extensions to hay fever sufferers:

Health and safety should always be your number one priority as an eyelash technician and you should always be cautious with those with sensitivities or allergies. Any new clients should always have a patch test prior to their appointment, no exceptions. You should also always ask your new clients about any sensitivities, allergies or reactions they may have to keep things safe. Not all clients will be honest about these things as they will do anything for gorgeous lashes! If this is the case, you should explain the side effects, how it could cause problems and the risks involved. Always remember, allergies and sensitivities can change in time and the client you have with hay fever this year may have never had a problem with eyelash extensions before but that could quickly change. Hay fever weakens the immune system which also can make your client more sensitive. Therefore your client may not have has any issues before but may have during the hay fever season.

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Does Hay Fever Affect Retention?

Not all hay fever affects everyone in the same way, whilst some may find they have itchy, irritable, dry, puffy or sensitive eyes it could also affect the nose or throat. Those who have hay fever that does not affect their eyes shouldn’t notice much premature fall out, however everyone is different so there is no definite answer. However, if they do show hay fever systems in their eye area then their hay fever will most likely effect retention. This is because the allergies can cause their eyes to water which can prevent the eyelash adhesive from curing fully.

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What to do if your client has a reaction due to hay fever:

  • You should remove the extensions as soon as possible.
  • Apply a cold compress to their eye area
  • Advise them to avoid touching or rubbing their eyes or eye area as this will cause further irritation.
  • Advise them to seek medical advice if their eyes continue to be sensitive. Their doctor may prescribe them a cream, ointment, eye drops or medication to help with the sensitivity.


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