Eyelash Extensions: How to Deal with Cancellations & No-Shows

Dealing with Cancellations & No-Shows

It is important as an eyelash technician to make your policies clear in order to lower your numbers of cancelations and no shows. Every time a new or existing client cancels or doesn’t show up it is not only wasting your time but you are losing money. Not everyone has the same policies and some are more relaxed than others but remember this is your job, your business and your time so make your policies clear!

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How to Make Your Policies Clear:

  • Add your policies to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. Make sure you add information on your policies to all your social media platforms somewhere they can be clearly seen. For example, you may want to add you policy information to your Instagram highlights so that are easily found and visible.
  • Inform your client every time they want to book an appointment of your cancelation and no-show policy. This way it has been made clear and there is no room for the client to claim you didn’t make it clear or they was not aware.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for a non-refundable deposit in order for someone to book in for an appointment. A lot of salons and beauticians now require a none-refundable deposit as it is a very effective method of lowering the number of cancelations and no shows as the client will think twice before not turning up! None-refundable deposits are not only for new clients, you can also use this method on existing clients. Keep in mind that it is not only new client’s that decide to not show up for their appointments!
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Keep In Mind – Emergencies Happen

You may have a super loyal client that has never cancelled, not shown up or rearranged their appointment. If this is the case and the client has an emergency and can’t show up, the right thing to do is give them a onetime grace. If they have paid a none-refundable deposit why not move it forward to their rearranged appointment? Your client will be very grateful for this and will create greater loyalty, part of the business is to keep your client happy isn’t it? However, this is up to you just keep in mind that emergencies aren’t planned and they do happen to all of us.

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How to Receive Deposits:

There are several ways you can receive you deposits if you have decided it is best for your business to take them. The most popular way is through online transfer whether this is direct bank transfer or via PayPal – this is entirely your choice. Another way is to ask for a deposit at their appointment, this way you can accept cash or use a till system (if you are working within a salon). Over time this will become a habit for the client and will naturally had you over the deposit when booking in for next time after their appointment. If you like to keep things online, there is also a variety of apps that you can use to book appointments, take payments and deposits. This is a great way of keeping everything organised and in one place.

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Always Remember:

It is your business and you make the rules. Any client worth having will respect the policies you have put in place and respect comes both ways. Do you really want an unreliable client who cancels often and does not show up? No. Don’t waste your time on these sorts of clients move on and another client who respects you and your business will take their place!

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