Eyelash Extensions: Benefits of Wearing a Face Mask

Benefits of Wearing a Face Mask

Before the COVID-19 pandemic many lash artist already wore face masks, but now it is a must for all those in the beauty industry. During the Covid-19 outbreak, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your clients by both parties wearing face mask. In this blog we will be discussing the benefits of wear a face mask as a lash tech, how to correctly wear one as well as the best type of face mask for you.

Why Should I Wear a Face Mask?

As a lash technician you are seeing different clients each day and in order to lash, you need to get close to their face. Wearing a face mask will help reduce the chance of germs, viruses and infections and protect you and the client so long you both wear masks throughout the service. However, it is not just germs, viruses and infections that you need to keep in mind as a lash tech. Lash artists are exposed to fumes from products (mostly from adhesives) on a daily basis. Not to worry, there are some precautions you can take in order to lower your exposure to these fumes. Wearing the correct face mask can limit the exposure to it – the mask used should have maximum protection and be suitable for reducing exposure to fumes. Exposure to fumes are not something you should shrug off as they can have serious and long term side effects such as breathing difficulties. Over exposure to adhesive can lead to cold-like symptoms such as sore throat, wheezing, breathing difficulties, stuffy nose and headaches being the most common symptom. Wearing a mask may not completely protect you from these harsh chemicals but it defiantly cuts down the exposure significantly.

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How to Reduce Exposure to Adhesive Fumes

There are several ways you can reduce exposure to the fumes than just simply wearing a high protection face mask. It is all about making little changes that will bring big results.

  • Instead of using an adhesive ring, try using a jade stone instead. This will prevent the adhesive being moved around so much and the jade stone can be place next to the clients head rather than around their face.
  • Keep your working environment well ventilated, some salons have fitted ventilation systems. However, if that is not the case keeping a window open nearby is still better than no form of ventilation.
  • Fully cure the eyelash adhesive by simply adding water to it. This will help reduce the fumes that the eyelash adhesive gives off.
  • When you have finished using the adhesive (may need a new drop or finished a set / infill) you should always dispose of it in a bin with a lid rather than an open bin. A metal bin with a lid works best.


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How to Correctly Put On & Wear Face Masks

  1. Before touching your face mask, always wash your hands with warm soap and water. Alternatively you can use hand sanitiser with a high alcohol percentage for convince.
  2. Use a new mask after each client and make sure the mask is not damaged. It is important that you are aware which way round your mask should be worn in order for it to work correctly. If you are unsure, check either on the back of the box for directions or check online. There are various types of face masks and need to be applied depending on this.

Face masks with ties: hold the face mask by the ties and place the mask onto your face and onto your nose and tie it securely at the back of your head.

Face masks with ear loops: hold the face mask by the ear loops and secure the mask by putting the loops around each ear.

Face masks with bands: hold the mask to your nose and pull the top strap over your head then pull down the bottom strap to the nape of your neck.

No matter what face mask you are using, you must always make sure it covers your mouth and nose. It should also be pulled down to cover you chin for a secure fit.


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Types of Masks Used in the Lash Industry

Fabric Masks

These masks are available in every colour, pattern and design however they offer little to no protection especially against eyelash extension adhesive vapours. Yes they look great and you can co-ordinate them with your outfit but not the mask you want for good protection.

Disposable Masks

These are one of the cheapest options per mask and with that comes low protection. Yes disposable masks do protect to an extent however they will not protect you from the eyelash extension adhesive fumes.

PM 2.5 Dust Mask

These masks offer more protection than fabric or disposable masks but still offer little protection from adhesive fumes. These masks also come in multiple colours and patterns and look pretty but keep protection in mind before purchasing these masks.


N95 with Nuisance Level Organic Vapour Relief 

For lash artists this is the mask to use, these masks offer protection against the harmful vapours of the eyelash adhesives. These masks are also disposable, light weight and are not expensive.


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The Benefit of Wearing Mask as a Lash Tech

  • Health: During COVID-19 it is very important for both you and your client to wear masks throughout the whole service. Wearing masks is a precautionary measure to prevent the spread, however both you and your client need to be wearing your masks in order for it to be effective. Wearing a face mask whilst dealing with eyelash adhesives will also help prevent health problems that arise through the vapours the glue gives off.


  • Professional: As you are getting close to your clients face, it is important to wear you mask. Your client most likely doesn’t want you breathing on their face throughout the service especially with coffee breath!


During the COVD-19 Pandemic, Add New Appointment Policies

  • Add a no mask, no entry policy (only those who have valid heath reasons as to why they cannot wear a face mask or covering). However, if you decide you want to refuse entry to those without a mask you can – it is your policy. It is a great idea to supply face masks in the salon in case a client forgets or doesn’t bring a face mask.
  • Put in place a bookings only policy – no walk-ins.
  • Clients must turn up to appointment by themselves – no extra friends or family to wait inside the salon / lashing area.
  • Some salons have implemented a policy where clients must wait outside to be allowed into the salon to prevent others from simply walking in. Make this clear on the door as well as to your clients before they turn up for their appointment.
  • Check client’s temperature using a thermal scanner to allow clients to enter. If a client refuses you can refuse entry.
  • Switch to contactless payment methods – this can be using contactless card payments, online bank transfers or PayPal.
  • Add hand sanitiser to the salon and ask clients to sanitise on their way in.
  • Request to your client to cut down on the talking as this is a way that viruses can spread.
  • Allow cancelations and re arranged appointments if the client has symptoms or feels ill. Yes, this can be a pain but it is better than spreading the virus.


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