Eyelash Extension Allergic Reactions, Infections & Sensitivities

Allergic Reactions, Infections & Sensitivites

Allergies to eyelash extensions or products used during the procedure can happen to anybody and it is important as either a client or a lash technician that you are fully aware. Many lash artist luckily enough haven’t experienced any of their client’s having an allergic reaction. However, it is only a matter of time until a client finds themselves having an allergic reaction. Before accepting new client’s, you should always do a consultation, patch test and get your client to sign a consent form. There are several reasons why a client may have a reaction so keep reading to find out more.  

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First things first, is it an allergic reaction, infection or a sensitivity?

It may seem like your client has had an allergic reaction to the eyelash extensions or the products you have used during the service (for example, eyelash adhesive). However, it is not always as straight forward as that. If your client hasn’t had an allergic reaction before to any of the products used it may be down to hygiene or new sensitivity.

How to Prevent / Minimise Risks of Allergic Reactions, Infections & Sensitivities

Always check prior to the service that your client has no allergies to anything you will be using and ask them to disclose any allergies they do have. Ensure all clients sign a consent form prior to the treatment. Always ensure any new clients, pregnant clients etc run a patch test prior to their appointment.

Use eyelash adhesives that are from trusted brands, have little toxic chemicals in and apply small amounts of adhesives during the service. Select cleansers and other products that are natural and are perfume free.

After every single service, clean and sanitise your workspace and all tools used on the previous client. This will prevent infections spreading from client to client. Always use disposable / single use products once such as eye pads, mascara wands / spoolies, tape etc. Never be tempted to reuse these products on another client.

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Allergic Reactions – Symptoms

Eyelids: Redness, swelling, itchiness, tearing, irritation.

In Eyes: Redness, pain, irritation, burning sensation, watery eyes.

Treatments: Seek medical advice if any symptoms occur, worsen or persist. Cold compress to sooth burning sensation, itchiness etc (only treatment a lash tech can offer), eye drops, hydrocortisone cream or ointment, antihistamines (all to be prescribed or purchased from a pharmacy).

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Hygiene is one of the most important practises when it comes to anything cosmetic, especially when it is around areas such as the eyes. If it is down to hygiene due to your lash tweezers or equipment not being sanitised fully, your client could have pink eye or Blepharitis or other infections! These infections can be diagnosed by a doctor and must never be diagnosed by anyone else. If several clients have noticed the same reaction in a short period of time, it is most likely down to hygiene. Blepharitis is an infection that occurs due to pure hygiene, this can occur shortly after application but could also take up to several days to occur. The infection is caused by a bacteria overgrowth in the lash line. Symptoms includes a crusty build up on the lash line, itchiness, redness, blinking and a feeling like there is grit in the eyes. If a client has any of these symptoms or has noticed any reactions they must seek medical advice for treatment.

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Chemical Burns

It is not always down to allergic reactions and could potentially be a chemical burn. This happens when a client is sensitive to fumes in the eyelash adhesive which contain cyanoacrylate. This tends to occur when gel eye pads have been incorrectly placed under the eye by being placed too close to the lash line. This can cause micro-tears or bruising which is painful and uncomfortable. It can also occur if the eye pad is placed to low down causing the clients eye to be open and the chemical from the adhesive leaves chemical burn to the eye. Chemical burns tend to create sore, painful red eyes.

A great way to avoid this happening is by using a small mirror to check the position of the pad and ensure it isn’t moving out of place. You should also check your client’s eyes are fully closed and to let you know if there is any discomfort. We highly recommend cleansing your client’s eyelash extensions after the service as an extra safety measure (wait at least 5 minutes after the adhesive has set) . Don’t worry, it is a myth that cleansing lashes after application will interfere with curing – it actually helps to speed up the process!

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Eyelash Adhesive

This is one of the most common products that can cause allergic reactions. Some clients may feel a reaction occurring after applying the adhesive, however most find that they notice a reaction within the first 72 hours. Side effects tend to be swelling of the eyelids, redness, pain and itchiness.


Eyelash Extensions

Reactions to the eyelash extensions themselves are quite rare. If your client was to have any problems it is more likely to be irritability due to bad application or the extensions being too heavy for their lashes.

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