Guide: What Your Eye Shape Says About You & Your Personality

They Say Your Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul

They say your eyes are the window to your sole. Is this true? We have put together a blog to reveal what your eye shape says about you. We have covered all eye shapes so don’t worry if this is not your shape, we have a blog for you too!

These are a few things a person can understand about you by just looking at your eyes based on Chinese face reading. To have a more accurate reading you will need to keep in mind other facial features such as the lips, cheeks and chin etc. It’s important you base the readings of your eye shape of what your eyes look like prior to makeup. This is because makeup alters and can be used to maniplate your eye shape. For more infomation on what false eyelashes are best for your eye shape visit our blog page.  

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Wide Set Eyes

What Are Wide Set Eyes?

Wide set eyes are usually wider apart than other eye shapes. However, you can have any shape eye but they are just simply wider appart. A good way to measure if you have wide set eyes is to check if your eyes are more than one eye width apart.


How Do I Know If I Have Wide Set Eyes?

  • Grab a mirror, check to see if the space between your eyes is less or more than one eye length is size.
  • If you have a small gap between your eyes (less than one eye length in size) you have close set eyes.
  • If you have a larger gap between your eyes (more than one eye length in size) between your eyes, then you have wide set eyes.
  • If the space between your eyes is roughly the same eye length in size, then you have an average spaced eyes.


What Wide Set Eyes say about you

  • Impulsive
  • Flexible
  • Adventurous
  • Broad Minded

Those with wide set eyes then love to explore new things be it the newest trends in fashion or the latest lifestyle options. Extremely broad-minded and flexible, you don’t like to stick to a routine. Impulsive and adventurous, you will do well in places that offer lots of freedom and choices, even reaching fame with those inventive ideas.

For more information, tips and tricks for Wide Set Eyes and which false eyelashes are best for you, check out our blog posts.

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