Eyelash Extensions & Client’s Consent Form

Client’s Consent Form

Consent forms are a very important and essential which should not be overlooked. All self-employed lash artists or those who work in a salon should always have their client’s sign a consent from prior to the service. Signing a consent form offers both protection for their client’s and their business and a consent form coverers several areas which clearly outlines everything the client needs to be aware of and consent to prior to the service.

What should be included in a consent form?

  • Terms and conditions + ‘I agree to the following’
  • Permission to post and take photos or videos of the client
  • Allergies or sensitivities
  • Medical information
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Let’s talk terms and conditions. This is a very important part of your consent form and should be well thought about and read over. What needs to be included? Policies such as your cancelation policy, late policy and refund policy. This should outline and clearly state what the policy is and the terms and conditions involved in it. For example, a cancelation policy should include if there is a strict no cancelations or if cancelations have to be made several days prior to the appointment in order to rearrange or refund. This should also include whether a deposit will be refundable or non-refundable upon a cancelation (if applicable).

You should also include a bullet pointed list containing everything you need your client to consent to prior to the treatment. For example, I agree to… I understand the risks associated with having artificial eyelashes applied to and / or removed from my natural eyelashes.

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In order for lash artists to grow their business, they need to advertise through showcasing photos and videos of their talent. Social media and how they use to it advertise plays a large role in their level of success. This is because new client’s can see the styles of lashes they offer, how neat their work is and gives them an idea of what kinds of results they expect to get from this lash artist. It is also a great way for lash artists to show off how talented they have become through hard work and practise. However, lash techs cannot just simply take a quick snapshot of their clients and upload it to the internet without consent. By asking their clients to sign a consent form which includes uploading photos of the client there is proof that the client has consented to this and cannot sue them. The consent form should cover why you are taking the photos or videos, what it will be used for, where it will be used and which photos or videos will be used. If a client does not consent for any photos or videos, the lash artist should not take any or upload any online, if they do they could potentially be sued.

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Clients need to disclose if they have ever had any allergies or sensitivities to any products used during an eyelash extension service or along a similar line. For example, allergic to adhesives (glues, tapes, band aids / plasters). You should also explain on the consent form what the adverse reactions are for example, eyelash extensions used adhesive glues, tapes and gel pads which could potentially cause an allergic reaction.


Medical conditions, treatments, medication and even pregnancy can affect how a client may react to any products used during the service or affect how their lashes last.

Some examples are:

  • Thyroid medications can affect how long the extensions last.
  • Chemotherapy treatments within the last 6 months can cause a client to have a reaction to a product or material used even if they have had no problem in the past previous to the chemotherapy.
  • Contact lenses must be removed prior to the service as the adhesive used may get underneath the contacts and cause corneal abrasion or scratching.
  • Lasik surgery less the 4 months (must wait 4 weeks post-op exam for medical consent). Eyes can become very sensitive to any of the products used such as the extensions, adhesive, eye pads etc.
  • Extremely oily hair or skin, this will affect how long the eyelash extensions will last due to the clients natural oil breaking down bond between the lash and the extension.



A consent form can either be on paper or electronically (i.e. on a tablet) this is completely up to you (if you are self-employed) or the salon you work in. There are also a range of apps and websites you can use to create your consent forms, organise and store them within the app or website. Many lash artists like to send their client a consent form when they have booked their appointment so it can be read through and sign in advance of their appointment. However, alternatively you can always give your client the consent form to read and sign on their appointment date. A consent form must always be read and signed prior to the service and never after!  

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