Guide: Lash Accessories & Tools

Why Lash Accessories & Tools Are Important!

Whatever style or type of Lash Envy Beauty lashes you have, it is important to have a selection of our Lash Envy beauty tools to assist you with your lash applications.

Eyelash Curlers 2

Lash Curlers

The initial important step to remember before applying any false lashes, is a pair of trusty eyelash curlers. These handy little tools are often underrated but they make such a difference to your overall eye look, making them a worthy addition to any lash lover’s makeup kit. We recommend using the Lash Envy Beauty lash curlers, after you have finished your skin routine, and base makeup, but before you have applied any eye makeup.

Traditional Eyelash Curlers

Traditional eyelash curlers tend to have sleek, lightweight designs that allow you to achieve an effortless wide eyed look and lifted natural lashes with ease. They have easy to hold handles which are comfortable and offer a firm grip, and they often also come with a spare pad meaning each pair will last you a good few months. Using an eyelash curler definitely enhances your eyes even more and is an important step to consider before going on to apply your favourite false lashes.

Eyelash Tweezers


Wearing mascara alongside false lashes is a great way to ensure a seamless blend between your own lashes and your Lash Envy Beauty falsies. To achieve this, you will need to apply a coat to your natural lashes prior to applying your strip lashes. However, we suggest that you don’t apply mascara directly to the false lashes, as this will decrease the life of the lashes as it can damage them.

Lash Scissors

If you often find that false lashes are too long for your particular eye shape or size, lash scissors will help you to tackle this issue with ease. Their small size makes them easy to take on the go, and also means they fit in our Lash Envy Beauty lash cases. Once you have measured the false lash against your own lashes, simply use your lash scissors to carefully trim the lash down to size. We always recommend trimming the lash from the outer edge.

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Lash Applicators

Our Lash Envy Beauty lash applicators are a game changer. They enable a quick, easy and mess free solution to applying all types of strip lashes! In some aspects, they are similar to tweezers but have a much firmer grip and will not damage your lashes!

Lash Adhesive

Lash adhesive is obviously a staple for when it comes to achieving an impeccable lash application and a durable, all day hold. The question is, what is the best lash adhesive for you? There is a variety of different types varying from colour, ingredients and type of applicator (tube or brush on).
Tube lash adhesive is ideal for beauticians and beauty professionals as this prevents cross contamination from use of various clients. Tube lash adhesive is also great for those who wear lashes on a regular basis as usually it contains more lash adhesive than brush on.  
Brush on lash adhesives are straightforward to use and are great for those new to wearing lashes; they’re practically fool proof due as the glue is distributed evenly on the lash brand.

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