Removing Strip Lashes

by | Sep 24, 2019

What you need:

  • Lash Envy Beauty Applicator or tweezers
  • A mirror
  • A gentle eye makeup remover
  • Lash Envy Beauty Lash Case (to keep the babies safe!)

Tips & tricks that will make removal easier:

  • Don’t apply too much lash adhesive to the lash band when applying, just add a thin layer, otherwise the lashes will be harder to remove and your falsies could get ruined
  • Try not to apply makeup/mascara directly to the lashes as this will prevent them from being reusable

Step One: Grab a mirror and use your Lash Envy Beauty lash applicator to pinch the outer corner and gently pull the strip lash away from your lash line.

If your lashes are firmly intact or you have used too much lash adhesive an oil based cleanser is going to help them slide off! We recommend you use a cotton bud dipped in the cleanser and swipe it along the lash band.

Step Two: Once you have removed the lashes, the next step is to remove any excess adhesive that may be left on your lash line and the lash band. You can use the oil based cleanser or micellar water as these products won’t damage your falsies.  

Step Three: If you want to make the most of your lashes (of course you do). It is important to keep them safe in a lash box. We suggest keeping them in the Lash Envy Beauty box your lashes came in or if you have a few different lashes, the Lash Envy Beauty trio lash case is perfect!

Three things to remember when removing your strip lashes:

  • Don’t rip them off or you will damage your natural lashes which will be painful
  • Remove the adhesive from the band once you’ve taken the lashes off so they can be reused
  • Store your lashes in a Lash Envy Beauty lash case to make sure they stay perfect!