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Lash Envy Beauty Synthetic Lashes 

Style Tease

Our Lash Envy Beauty Synthetic Lashes are super soft and light weight. Our Synthetic false lashes add volume and depth giving you a ultra glam look. They are super simple and easy to apply, especially when using our eyelash applicator. But the best thing about our Synthetic collection is that these strip lashes can be used up to 15 times if they are looked after!

Luxury Synthetic Lash Collection:

Directions for applying falsies like a pro!

1. Check the fit of the false eyelash against your natural lash line. Trim the falsie to fit your eye shape if necessary.
2. Apply the lash adhesive along the band of the falsie.
3. Wait around 20 – 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky (tip: if glue is wet, your falsies will slip around).
4. Apply the false eyelash to your natural lash line and press to secure. Just a heads up, this step is even quicker when using our applicator beauty tool!

Check out our Instagram for more inspiration and creative looks using our synthetic Tease lash! For more information, tips and tricks with our lashes, click here to visit our blog page.


1 review for 'Tease' Synthetic Lashes

  1. Angel

    Been looking for lashes with a clear lash band. These are perfect 👌🏽

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