How to Take Good Eyelash Extension Photos

Eyelash Extension Photos

Whether you are a self-employed lash tech or work in a salon you need to broadcast your talent! If you want your eyelash extension business to grow you need to make the most of social media. Pretty much all your target audience is on social media and it is the best way to attract new client, not to mention it is free. If you aren’t posting client pics, what have you been doing? Posting frequently with photos of your clients lashes can really help bring business to you. Not only will people see how skilled you are, they are more likely to trust you and with that comes more clients! Without saying anymore, lets discuss how to take them perfect shots.

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How to take good photos of your client’s extensions:

  • Camera. There is no need to have a special camera or fancy camera equipment, all you need is a smart phone with good camera quality. Once you have your form of camera sorted (your smart phone) it’s time to figure out the lighting.
  • Lighting is very important when it comes to actually applying eyelash extensions so you will most likely have good lighting in your lashing area. However, if you feel the lighting showcasing your lashes well enough on camera there are a few things you can do. We highly recommend using a ring light for them Instagram perfect photos! The ring light can either be a small light that clips on to your phone or a large studio ring light, it is whatever you think works best for you.
  • Photo poses and angles are key. It may be that you want to create a running theme throughout your photos by using certain poses or angles but this is not necessary. However, it is very important that you choose a pose and angle that shows off those gorgeous sets you have created. Your client can be laying down or standing up, what is important is you can get those shots! It is a great idea to take photos at various angles for example, front, side, below and above. You also need to decide whether you want to take full face photos, single eye shots and before and afters. We recommend using a mixture to really show of your skills, all great lash artist love to get close up shots of their work. This is because you are able to showcase how neat and precise you are and not all lash artist show these and it is a real money maker. This will beyond a doubt push you up above the others and bring in them new clients in no time. Before and after shots are the ones that bring in new clients who have never had their eyelash extensions done before. These shots show off just how much of a difference eyelash extensions make to your face and overall appearance.
  • They are a fabulous way of really showing of those lashes, not only does it help show the extensions from different angles but it also gives a feel of what they look like in person. Based off research, we have found those who showcase their lashes using videos are chosen over those with just images.
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Top tips:

  • Always make sure you ask for your clients consent before taking photos and uploading them online. Some clients don’t like photos of themselves being published online so you need to be clear on what you will be using the photos for.
  • Ensure the focus of the photo is on the eyelash extensions. Avoid messy or busy backgrounds and keep it simple, remember it is all about the lashes! 
  • If some clients are not happy with their skin for example but you really want to showcase your master piece, suggest you can always blur their skin or take a close up shot of their lashes only. Keep in mind some people are camera shy or self-conscious!
  • Post a variety of angles to keep posts interesting and upload them before and after pics.
  • Use hashtags on each of your posts to reach your target audience better. We also recommend adding your location as those looking for a new lash tech are more likely to contact you if they know you are nearby.
  • Show off your lashing area or the salon you are based in. Add photos of the environment showing how clean and tidy it is, this is very important as new client’s want to see the environment they will be going to.
  • Be clear on your pricing, new clients like to be able to see the pricing without having to contact you. By not adding pricing to your social media accounts, potential clients may simply look elsewhere.
  • Showcase the styles you offer – weekend lashes, Classics, Hybrids, Russians and Volume etc. Whatever styles you focus on, be sure to make this clear with lots of photos and videos alongside a price list and how long each set takes to complete.
  • If posting on Instagram and Facebook, uploads photos, videos and pricing to your stories. This will help reach more followers and increase interaction plus you will keep in their feed!



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For more information on cleaning and caring for your lashes to maximum wear from them. Click here to view our guide!

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