Guide: How to Regrow Damaged Eyelashes

Why Your Lashes Need TLC

Maybe your lashes are damaged due to not caring for them correctly when wearing eyelash extensions or maybe it’s because you never really knew you should give them a little TLC. That is why we have put together the ultimate guide to get your natural eyelashes looking lush again! Here is our best advice covering everything you can do to regrow your lashes and keep them healthy!

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Take a Break from Lash Extensions, Tints & Lifts

Just like your hair, your lashes need a break time to time from all the chemicals being applied to them. You wouldn’t keep bleaching your hair until you started to go bold would you? Why should lashes be any different?                                                                

Lash extensions can be harsh on your natural eyelashes, this is because each extension is connected to a single hair. This means your eyelashes are under a lot of pressure to hold them up and not droop. If your extensions are too heavy for your lashes this could result in loosing lashes and damaging the lash follicle. When getting lash extensions, we recommend you consult with your lash tech before going ahead with it. The lash tech can talk you through what type of extensions are best suited to the health, length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. The stronger and longer your real lashes are, the thicker and heavier the extensions can be without causing damage. Most of the time, the reason of damaged lashes during using extensions is due to them being too heavy and over time this can really take its toll. However, heavy extensions are not the only cause of damaged lashes. It also comes down to how you care for them, how often you clean them and how you remove them! We have got plenty of guides, information, tips, tricks and hacks on all things extension related on our blog page so go ahead and check them out! You should clean your extensions 2 – 3 times per week if not every day if possible. You should also never remove the extensions yourself at home or pluck them out. If you do this you run the risk of pulling out your real eyelashes as well as risking getting and eye infection or ingrowing lashes (it’s really not worth it, trust us on that one).


Struggling to go lash-less? We got you boo. If you feel like you will struggle to take a break from eyelash extensions then go ahead and pop on a pair of false eyelashes, these are no were near as damaging as extensions are as the weight of the lashes is spread out across all of your lashes rather on each lash! We recommend using the Luxury 3D Mink or Faux Mink (vegan) lashes as these will feel and look similar to your extensions. They are also super soft, light and fluffy and can be used up to 25 times so you’re good to go!


Lash lifts and tints can also dry and damage your real lashes over time. When getting this done, make sure you are going to a professional salon where the staff are trained, qualified and carry insurance. You should also be sure to have a patch test before using any of these products for the first time. This is because some people can have an allergic reaction to the chemicals which is super painful! If you feel your lashes are becoming brittle then take a break, give your lashes a little TLC and stick to mascara or a pair of trusted false eyelashes!

Lash Envy Beauty False Eyelashes

Be Gentle When Removing Makeup

Yes, this is an obvious one. But some people think they are being gentle on their eyes and skin but the products they are using to remove the makeup says otherwise. When it comes to cleaning your lashes, avoid any makeup wipes these have a lot of bad chemicals in which can end up drying your lashes out. Instead, why not use a natural product such as coconut oil to remove any makeup. Coconut oil is great since it glides your makeup of in seconds and stops you from pulling and rubbing at your eyes and face. It is also amazing for removing mascara. However, if you have got eyelash extensions in, we advise you don’t use coconut oil near your lashes. This is because oil and extensions don’t mix well, the oil will damage the bond between your natural lashes and the extension and they will ultimately fall out prematurely! You should also not be apply any makeup to your lash extensions if you want them to keep looking fresh.

Home Remedies: Coconut Oil & Vaseline

If your lashes need a little extra TLC, there are plenty of remedies perfect for moistening your lashes that you probably have at home already! We highly recommend coconut oil as it really helps get those lashes back healthy again and some claim it’s even helped their lashes grow! You could also use Vaseline due to its hydrating properties. Do apply coconut oil or Vaseline to your lashes, apply some to a spoolie or a clean mascara brush. Gently brush it through your lashes before bed. Be sure to rinse any excess product of the following morning before applying any makeup.  


Lash Serums

There are plenty of lash serums available and if you choose a good quality one, it can work wonders on bringing your lashes back to life. Usually lash serums contain biotin (the vitamin that makes hair healthy and can promote nail growth). You apply the serum on a daily basis until you feel liken your lashes are looking healthy again. However, it’s not just drug stores and beauty shops that supply lash serum. You can also head to your local pharmacy with a prescription for a serum called Latisse. This can work wonders on damaged and dehydrated lashes! Latisse does need to be prescribed so head down to your doctors and see what they can do about it.

Biotin Supplements

Biotin is an important supplement when it comes to nail, hair and eyelash health. Biotin supplements have been said to help with the strength and growth of eyelashes. Why not give them a go if you have tried other remedies and found that haven’t worked so well for you.


Avoid Heated Eyelash Curlers

Just like curling your hair on a daily basis can cause damage and split ends, the same applied to your real eyelashes. Try to use heated eyelash curlers less and opt for a tradition eyelash curler. This will make a huge difference to the health of your lashes over time. You could also skip lash curlers completely and pop of some mascara or a pair of false eyelashes and you’re good to go!



Just like a lot of problems it may have occurred due to stress. Think about anything that is stressing you out and write it down. Try and solve these problems by thinking about how you could make these problems less stressful. Sometimes when people are stressed they become anxious and start picking at things such as their eyelashes. De-stressing yourself can help prevent you from doing this.

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