Guide: Caring For Your Natural Eyelashes

Why Should You Look After Your Natural Eyelashes?

It’s important to look after your natural eyelashes, especially when you wear false eyelashes on a day to day basis or you have lash extensions. But how do I care for them we hear you ask! That is why we have put together the complete guide on how to take care of your natural eyelashes! Most women strive for thick, long black eyelashes and want to keep them looking as healthy as possible. There is many products out there on the market claiming to strengthen and lengthen your lashes such as serum. However, sadly a lot of these products don’t actually work that well, if at all especially if you are not already taking good care of them. You can easily look after and maintain those beautiful lashes of yours on a tight budget, even using some house hold products you are likely to already have!


The Basics… Eyelash Care

It is very important to keep them lashes healthy, this can be done very easily and you might not even be aware that you are already doing it! By cleaning your face daily (preferably both morning and evening) you are cleaning your eyes lids and lashes. This is great for your eyelashes as you are removing any excess makeup products from them such as mascara or eyelash glue. If you don’t clean your lashes you could end up with a build-up of bacteria, dirt or product. This will result in your lashes becoming brittle and not so healthy. Another reason for cleaning your eyelashes is if you are going to the gym or getting sweaty. Your eyelashes stop sweat from dripping in your eyes, if they are not cleaned you will get a build of sweat (eww, we know). A great way to clean your lashes is to use such as baby shampoo as this is super soft and gentle! If that is not your thing, we suggest you use some makeup remover such as micellar cleansing water. Another fabulous way to take care of your eyelashes is applying a small amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on to the lashes. This will lock in moisture and help with the health of them. You should apply this every other week and takes seconds to apply but makes a world of difference.


Removing Eye Makeup

Back from a night out and can’t wait to jump in that heavenly warm bed? It’s so important you always take of your makeup and never sleep in it! After a long day we understand you might be in a hurry to get those falsies off and that eye makeup. However, you must take care when removing anything from your eye area. Toughing on your lashes will result in you pulling your eyelashes out and could cause in growing eyelashes (ouch!). Instead of using baby wipes or makeup wipes opt for a more natural product or micellar water. A great natural alternative is coconut oil, it can be picked up at most pharmacies, grocery stores or drug stores and can be super cheap for a big tub of the stuff and gets eye makeup off in an instant!

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Never, Ever Share Eye Products!

We know it can be tempting if you have forgot to apply your mascara that morning and your friend offers to lend you their mascara but DON’T! You never know if they have an eye infection and they may not be aware yet they have one either. It is also extremely unhygienic and is just going to pass on the bacteria to your eyes. It is also important that if you are getting your makeup done buy an MUA or makeup artist that they use disposable mascara wands with their mascara. Many MUAs may be tempted to not bother with this but you could really regret it the next day. Eye makeup brushes should also be cleaned along with any eyeshadow used.

Look Carefully at Ingredients

You want to keep any eye creams, serums or products as organic and natural as possible. This is why we suggest products such as coconut oil. If the products you are using are packed with chemicals it could cause a reaction or damage your eyelashes. If you are using eyelash adhesive / glue then you should always do a patch test when using a different brand. This is because some people are allergic to the latex that is in many eyelash glues. However, not to worry there are also many alternatives out there with lash glues that are latex free! A top tip we can give you is to never buy any lash adhesive that is not from a well-established company or has not carried out certified testing. Avoid buying any lash adhesive of places such as eBay. There is plenty of fake Duo Glue out there on the market and you never know what dodgy products they have added in there which is completely damage your natural lashes! To keep safe we recommend you shop online for glue on big shops such as Debenhams etc.


Eyelash Extensions – safe or not?

You should always check that where ever you go for your eyelash extensions that they are qualified and have the right insurance. We suggest you avoid getting lash extensions from anywhere that seems very cheap. They may not use the right clue or apply the lashes correctly which will leave you with burning eyes and ingrown eyelashes! If you ever do feel your eyes burning after your lash extensions have been applied then you need to get them removed ASAP. Your eyes should never burn or itch and it’s your body saying get them off! If this happens multiple times then we would recommend you do not get lash extensions done again and stick with strip lashes which are just as good but friendly to your eyes.

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Lash Tint & Lash Lifts

If this procedure is done correctly you shouldn’t have any problems! However, you should always make sure you do a patch test before, any reputable salon will do this as is a requirement. If they don’t offer you this and they decline after you asking…run for the hills! You do not want burnt and painful eyes. If you are using an at home kit, you should also always do a patch test as a lot of these products are not the same as salons kits. You should also be very careful when applying any tint to your eye area.

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