False Lashes to Compliment Your Eye Shape


Round Eyes
The crease of your eye is visible and your eyes are circular.
Perfect Match: Wispy, winged or cat eye lashes.

Almond Eyes
A visible crease in your eyelid and unlike round eyes, your iris touches the top and bottom of your eyelid.
Perfect Match: Most styles suit almond eyes.

Deep-set Eyes
Eyes are large and sit farther into your skull. Your brow bone is prominent, and as a result, long lashes look the best.
Perfect Match: Dramatic, long lashes.

Hooded Eyes
The crease of your eyelid is hidden under the upper part of your lid or brow bone.
Perfect Match: Tapered end lashes, wispy lashes (creates the illusion of depth).

If you do not have any crease on your eyelid, you have a monolid eye shape.
Perfect Match: Light, fluffier, wispy lashes.