Eyelash Beauty Tips

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Eyelash Beauty Tips Part 1 Seperating the Myths from the Facts


Yes of course false eyelashes make us look prettier.

We all take selfies all the time and it’s a simple fact that long full lashes show up much better in selfies than sparse or thin eyelashes. Many women enjoy an elevated level of confidence knowing their lashes are on point, they feel better and it shows in their manner, and to be honest most people who care really do think they enhance beauty. Long lashes can be the one thing that make the most difference to your appearance, so make the most of them.

Yes of course false eyelashes make us look prettier.

However you’re not alone if you worry whether you should be wearing false eyelashes or not, it’s a common concern; fuelled by the many myths that surround this wonderful beauty product. The biggest myth of them all is that once you start wearing false eyelashes you will have wear them for ever as they will have forever ruined your natural lashes. Take a moment for a giggle them carry on reading. FACT: When applied correctly using the appropriate glue, worn with pleasure then removed carefully using the appropriate products BEFORE sleeping they are perfectly safe so long as your eyes, eyelids and natural lashes are in good health to start with. Actually luxuriously thick false eyelashes mean there is no real need for mascara so they can help your natural lashes stay strong and healthy.

You Can Wear Them Pretty Much Every Day.

In fact it’s fine to wear false eyelashes every day, as many do. Follow a proper cleanliness regime, be gentle removing the falsies as it is easy to damage or pull out your own lashes if you are too rough. Don’t forget to clean your own lashes thoroughly and nourish them with some lash serum or perhaps Vaseline overnight. Some people claim to wear their lashes for up to 7 days at a time, and while todays glues will certainly make that possible it is a good idea to let the skin around your natural lashes breathe overnight.
Although quality lashes may seem a little pricey compared to the cheap versions on certain auction sites they can be very cost effective when you consider that they can be worn up to 20 times so long as they are cared for correctly.
Which came first the chicken or the egg. Or in this case which comes first the Makeup or the False Lashes. The Answer is easy to both … the egg and the makeup. Do your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara your natural lashes first then apply the false eyelashes. Theres no need to mascara false eyelashes but you can add a little to the ends if you want to. Get into the habit of always putting your lashes on last. If you don’t do it in this order you run the risk of eyeshadow getting onto the eyelashes when applying the eyeshadow. Once your makeup is done and lashes are glued in place you can use a little liquid liner to conceal the lash glue and make for seamless lashes to eyelid transition … nice!

Say No to Oil Based Eye Makeup

It is important that makeup around your eyes should be oil free; oil on your eyelids or false eyelashes will stop the lash glue sticking to either.
You can curl your lashes for a ‘bigger’ look but do this before applying mascara as lashes with mascara on will stick to the lash curler.
In part two of this blog series lash care will be dealt with in detail.

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